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Baby Thor

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I love when they sleep with their tongue poking out! Just sooo cute!


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Good grief...the jelly bean is still tres adorbs...What is up with that? I think it's kinda like human babies...they're made just so adorable that when they turn into teenagers you don't want to just punt them out in the night...

Speaking of...got a set of 2 year old feline twins that may or may not get turned into kitty paw pie after last night...


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I don't have the words for what a snuggly little handsome smooch he is. I just wanna smother him with kisses and give him all the milk and cheese a kitty could eat.


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I am loving his bow tie! It suits him so much!
My how he has grown - he looks so happy and content. Such a handsome boy!


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  • Posts

    • Bethella


      2 hours ago, ItsMeY'all said:

      I was thinking that $100K seemed like they paid too much for the area unless they got at least an acre. 

      They got just under half an acre. But we don't actually know how much they paid for it. The $100K is the estimated sale price based on the estimated market value. The actual deed says "for and inconsideration of the sum of One and No/100 ---- Dollars --- ($1.00) and other good and valuable consideration in hand." 

    • MamaJunebug


      3 hours ago, Grimalkin said:

      Oh jeez, my mom has dimentia and asked me to bring her a Walkman recently. During another conversation she asked for a CD player to play her language CDs I reminded her she had one already, embarrassed that she forgot,  she saved face by telling me her CD player needed a new needle.

      Aw.....that's actually kind of sweet ...?

      Dementia blows, but it can have its charming bits......very few & far between, but there nonetheless.  

      Hugs to both of you. <3

    • metheglyn


      3 minutes ago, beepy13 said:

      I'd like to think it's because they made a decision to keep part of their life private. But I'm sure it's being withheld until the next season.

      Admittedly, the purchase seems to have been fairly recent, and aside from the initial episode of Joy's wedding last fall, we're still somewhere last summer during the show's semi-structured timeline, I think. I mean, they haven't even covered any of the wedding prep at all, but are still planning to show it before we get the second Joy's wedding episode in its presumed rightful spot in the timeline. And if Joe and Kendra get married in the fall as expected, that will likely *also* be shown as a special episode in the next group of episodes, regardless of it happening almost a year after things they still haven't shown on the show. So if we are going to see J&J actually buy a house it may not be for another *two* seasons. :LOUCHE:

    • beepy13


      1 hour ago, calimojo said:

      Back to Jinger/Jer.  I find it interesting that there was a stupid contrived storyline on Counting On with Jill and Jessa supposedly househunting, and right around the same time,  Jinger and Jeremy actually were house hunting.  That had the potential to actually be interesting and they don't show that on the show?  Are the producers just really lazy, dumb or truly just don't care and they are going through the motions? 

      I'd like to think it's because they made a decision to keep part of their life private. But I'm sure it's being withheld until the next season.

    • geeklove


      9 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      It seems that the majority of her followers are as dumb as a box of condoms. I can't believe some of the idiotic things they say. 

      I think they all need a lifetime supply of those condoms. We have enough problems.