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Baby Thor

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Twelfthnight Thor



He's not a jellybean anymore!!!!! :my_cry:

He is awfully handsome in bow ties though. All the fancy kitties wear them on new years.  He passed out in our bed the other morning... with his tongue sticking out looking all cute. 





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I love when they sleep with their tongue poking out! Just sooo cute!

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Good grief...the jelly bean is still tres adorbs...What is up with that? I think it's kinda like human babies...they're made just so adorable that when they turn into teenagers you don't want to just punt them out in the night...

Speaking of...got a set of 2 year old feline twins that may or may not get turned into kitty paw pie after last night...

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I don't have the words for what a snuggly little handsome smooch he is. I just wanna smother him with kisses and give him all the milk and cheese a kitty could eat.

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I am loving his bow tie! It suits him so much!
My how he has grown - he looks so happy and content. Such a handsome boy!

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    • nastyhobbitses


      2 hours ago, Glasgowghirl said:

      When he went to work everyday his mother in law would come over to look after Andrea and the kids, as doctors warned him about leaving her alone but on the day of the death's he told her to wait and hour or half an hour before going over as he felt Andrea needed to learn to look after them on her own. He decided he knew better than the medical professionals and it cost those innocent kids their lives.

      And he didn't go to jail for setting the stage in every way possible for his children's deaths...why? 

      I know that there may not have been anything they could have pinned onto him criminally, but surely it would be considered negligent to willfully ignore and flout repeated warnings from doctors not to do a thing that could result in your vulnerable wife's/children's deaths. Maybe if this happened after the recent Michelle Carter inducement to suicide case we'd have a case to say that his actions and influence caused Andrea to get worse and he was complicit in the deaths, but I'm not a lawyer (but I play one on TV). 

      Anyhoo, Rusty Yates is a piece of shit and I don't feel one bit sorry for him. 

    • 4 hours ago, Palimpsest said:


      I couldn't place Levi in a line-up.  What birthday bash?   Can you point to a photo of him in the last 12 months in the same room as our wilting jessica flower? 

      Here is the link for that birthday bash, or ball I should say, that I was thinking of... http://boyersisters.com/2017/03/birthday-ball-recap/

      I’m not quite sure how to post individual pics from that, but there are at least a couple there. I noticed this was from last March. I hope for Jessica’s sake there wasn’t a repeat ball with him there...or any other function he may have attended. I myself would be absolutely miserable having to see my ex...even if it was once a year. 

    • nvmbr02


      @Ivycoveredtower Thanks for sharing that article. I didn't realize their oldest was 25 already, in my head he was closer to 20. So, maybe their baby days are coming to an end, if mom is in her 40's. 


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    • Bad Wolf


      I love Call the Midwife. Yes, I know it's fiction, but they always explain to patients that they are nurses with additional training in midwifery. I find it strange that some of the states have so little regulation. By the way, I was born at home 70 years ago with a midwife and a doctor. Fairly common in England at that time.

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    • FundieCentral

      Posted (edited)

      @singsingsing: Oh yes. It still annoys me so much. He has a degree in accounting, and he is still begging for money on go fund me? 

      If he was my friend, I’d be like - dude, get yourself a nice-paying accounting job, save up money to do a little Honduras-hopping, and take care of your family as your faith supposedly commands you. Can’t you do ministry in his free time or summer breaks or on the weekends? With two kids it’s just not the time for an unpaid internship, doofus. 

      Edited by FundieCentral
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