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Baby Thor

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I love when they sleep with their tongue poking out! Just sooo cute!


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Good grief...the jelly bean is still tres adorbs...What is up with that? I think it's kinda like human babies...they're made just so adorable that when they turn into teenagers you don't want to just punt them out in the night...

Speaking of...got a set of 2 year old feline twins that may or may not get turned into kitty paw pie after last night...


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I don't have the words for what a snuggly little handsome smooch he is. I just wanna smother him with kisses and give him all the milk and cheese a kitty could eat.


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I am loving his bow tie! It suits him so much!
My how he has grown - he looks so happy and content. Such a handsome boy!


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  • Posts

    • KelseyAnn


      7 hours ago, PennySycamore said:

      @MamaJunebug,  I remember those old belts and pads you had to hitch up!  They were so uncomfortable.  I remember getting my period (not for the first time though) at the Beta Club state convention in Columbia.  I had to go to the drug store and by that time they'd come out with Stayfree.  I was eternally grateful to not have to deal with a belt.

      When we girls or my mom had our periods, the dogs liked to knock over the kitchen or bathroom  trash and snack on bloody Kotex.  My sister and I had many days when we'd have to clean up in front of the door before my brothers came inside.  Good times, I tell you!


      What do you mean a belt? I'm confused. 

    • clueliss


      She did ask.fm questions a day or so ago that showed on twitter.  Her male roll model is har Pastor.  I may have been surprised she didn't take this opportunity to remind everyone of her Peruvian father.

    • Daisy0322


      My mom wasn't mean about she was just very uncomfortable when my period started at 11 she handed me a book on puberty and a box that was combo tampons and pads and said "um I think there's directions in the box." and that was that lol the book was very informative and accurate and the box did have directions so I mean she did the best she could haha.

    • Iokaste


      Turmeric is anti-inflammatory. It has proven benefits to people with arthritis. It has proven some effect as a component in cancer prevention, I don't know about treatment though. 

      But yeah, don't try to treat serious illness with spices and don't market treatments and cures if you are not a trained professional and have the knowledge to read original studies and/or access to carry out you'r own peer-reviewed scientificcally sound studies!   

    • Snarkle Motion


      35 minutes ago, Fundie Bunny said:

      I don't think Joshgate is the reason the Boys aren't married. I actually think Joshgate is the reason why Josh was married off so early. If Joshgate hadn'te happen, he would have been much older.

      I agree. I think Jill has demonstrated how enmeshed the family is and how hard it is for them to leave. I think for the boys the idea of being independent and in charge of a family is scary since they don't have any job or real life experiences. The girls can trust their headship but the guys are much more likely to wait to enter relationships for this reason.