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    • Curious

      Guest Speaker 1.26.17 @ 8pm eastern   01/22/2017

      I am pleased to announce that we have are going to have a Q&A with an ex-evangelical on Thurs, January 26, 2017 @ 8pm.  The Q&A will last for approximately 1 hour.  I will be setting up a subforum for guest speakers as I hope to be able to get some other folks come talk to us. Our guest on Thurs will be Chris Stroop.  Here is his bio: Christopher Stroop grew up a rank-and-file member of the Christian Right in an Evangelical enclave community, Stroop's childhood social milieu consisting mostly of family and people associated with church and/or Christian school. From about the age of 16, Stroop found himself dealing with an increasingly acute crisis of faith that was not addressed properly by the people he talked to about it, and he was subjected to spiritual abuse. Stroop nevertheless went on to earn a BA in history and German from Ball State University (summa cum laude) in 2003, and then a Ph.D. in modern Russian History and Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities from Stanford in 2012. Subsequently, Stroop spent three academic years teaching in the School of Public Policy at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration in Moscow, where he kind of sort of almost got in trouble for "teaching Pussy Riot lyrics." Currently, Stroop teaches nineteenth-century European history and Russian Studies classes as a Provost's Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of South Florida and, as a freelance writer and public speaker, speaks out against the abuses of conservative Christianity in general and the the white Evangelical subculture he comes from in particular. You can find many of his writings in this vein on Religion Dispatches. If you would like to support this work financially, please click here (for monthly support) or here (to leave a one-time gift). Stroop's more academic writings can mostly be found here, and you can follow him on Twitter - @C_Stroop.   We are going to use the Q&A forum format.  I will be setting up a special forum just for Chris.  I will open the forum about 15 minutes before the Q&A starts so you can start asking your questions.   We have a few rules.  Failure to follow these rules will get you temporarily placed in the Prayer Closet so we can preview your posts.  If you get put in the PC during the Q&A you will be released once it's over, but lets just follow the few simple rules so none of that is necessary. Rules for Q&A: 1. Be polite.  This is not an event meant for snark.  Chris is taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to us.  He is an expert in the things we discuss here, so let's give him respect, please. 2. One question per post.   Please don't bog him down with a bunch of questions in one post.  We are using the Q&A format so he can easily answer questions.  Putting a ton of questions in one post defeats the purpose.   You can continue discussion on the thread as he answers and ask another question in the same thread if you have one after he answers. 3. Please try to keep thread drift to a minimum during the Q&A.  After it's over, if you want to continue discussion on the topics  and they drift, that's fine. 4.  Be polite! These rules are subject to change as I and the helpmeets think over possible loopholes (cause there is always one person that has to push boundaries)

Baby Thor

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I love when they sleep with their tongue poking out! Just sooo cute!


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Good grief...the jelly bean is still tres adorbs...What is up with that? I think it's kinda like human babies...they're made just so adorable that when they turn into teenagers you don't want to just punt them out in the night...

Speaking of...got a set of 2 year old feline twins that may or may not get turned into kitty paw pie after last night...


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I don't have the words for what a snuggly little handsome smooch he is. I just wanna smother him with kisses and give him all the milk and cheese a kitty could eat.


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I am loving his bow tie! It suits him so much!
My how he has grown - he looks so happy and content. Such a handsome boy!


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  • Posts

    • BabyBottlePop


      3 hours ago, Carm_88 said:

      "According to man's law". I know he means people and not the male gender but it's 'man's law' -as in men - who are chipping away at Roe vs. Wade. Trump signing that executive order surrounded by men and not one woman. It's infuriating.

    • DancingPhalanges


      Comment by Jennifer: 

      "You allocuted to Criminal Sexual Conduct - Third Degree. That means either you used force to overpower your victim or your victim was too incapacitated to give consent. 

      Which one was it?"


      Infuriating for the victim that he's whitewashed his crime publicly and gets away with it from his family/friends. NOT surprising, just so maddening. 

    • sunshine


      1 hour ago, Buzzard said:

      Can we talk about this screenshot?  Its from the "styling spurgeon" segment that originally aired online in September, shown last night when they didnt have anything else to fill dead space.


      This does not appear to be in Benessa's house, maybe the "guest house" that J'derick are currently occupying?  There is a wreath hanger on the door, but the wreath is above the changing table... but its odd that there is a "d" on the wreath when Izzy is and "I."  I'm also not sure if those are stairs behind Jessa.

      So, either they filmed this waste of time at someone else's house, Jill and Derrick have a weird wreath in their nursery (that we've never seen before), or the new Seeweed baby boy is a D...

      I recall this. Jessa stayed at the "guest house" after the pregnancy so the girls could help her adjust after that big scare of losing blood.

    • Gobsmacked


      I just want to slap him round his stupid smug mug when he starts spouting and pontificating about sowing seeds etc.

      He is such a waste of fresh air and paper.

    • onemama


      On 23.1.2017 at 9:55 AM, feministxtian said:

      The whole "submission" issue was once explained to hubby and I this way...

      A husband cannot "demand" anything from his wife. A wife's actions towards her husband are predicated on the husband. The husband is to model the servant-leadership of Christ. In that way, he is the "leader" of the home/marriage but he leads by serving. IOW, a husband is to always put the needs and wants of his wife (and children) above his own. He is not a dictator nor a tyrant. How does his wife come to love him? By loving her, by serving her. In our case, if he wanted me to stop being such a bitch, then he had to quit being an asshole and just because he stopped being an asshole, it didn't mean that my behavior would automatically change...he had to EARN back my trust and respect. It's taken literally years, but my husband is now the sort of man I trust implicitly and respect greatly. And, because of that, and knowing that he always has my best interests in mind, it has become easier to communicate, to knock down the wall that was between us. However, if he had demanded that I "submit" to him, especially in the midst of his very bad behavior, it would not have ended well. 

      I am glad that's the kind of advice we got when we were going through our own personal hell...and yes, we got it from our church. 

      Your church gave you advice to solve the unique problems you were experiencing.  Lori and her MRA friends teach that the root of the problem is always the wife and if she'll only submit herself completely, her husband will love her. 

      The way your church explained Christian marriage according to Ephesians 5 sounds like a much more accurate depiction of the message of the Gospel. Jesus loved the church first. We love him because he loved us first (1 John 4:19). Lori claims to let Scripture interpret Scripture but I don't think she knows what that actually means. 

      I'm glad your marriage is a happier place these days!