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Anyone want a toddler

Currently trying to find what gets vaseline out of a toddlers hair my toddler joy got into the vaseline and I'm wondering how the heck im going to get this out of her hair. How many washes will this take to come clean this is gonna be a long night

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      Ok it’s time to come home now please.  I’ve been babysitting my two youngest nieces (3 and 5) since 5pm. It’s now 10.30pm and I’ve got a 45 minute drive home along a dark road.  On the plus side the girls have been great and I’m happy I’ve been able to give my (one remaining) brother and his fiancé their first night out without kids in 5 years.  But I’m tired and I’ve got to concentrate on the freeway, so now would be a great time to come home, bro!
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    • PopRox

      PopRox  »  BunnyBee

      I hope your back gets better soon!
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    • Beermeet


      Holy flu batman. Today marks 1 month of sick in this household.  Awful.  I'm on day 12 and finally feeling better.  Ugh.  I just needed to whine. : S
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    • littlemommy


      I clench my teeth at night and have actually managed to work a molar loose from it. As someone that literally has nightmares about my teeth falling out, this has been a source of a lot of angst. It'll probably make me clench my teeth more at night!
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    • iweartanktops


      The cops detain someone who just murdered 17 kids, but shoot an unarmed black man 20x, after he allegedly breaks into some cars. I quit. 
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