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Fun Fun Fundies, Sims 2 and 4

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About this blog

I’ve been a Sims fan for a long time, and I’ve always been a fan of creating big families and trying to control them all. So, what better way to do this than play a fundie family? This originally began with a Sims 2 family and a Sims 3 family, but my Sims 3 game fucked up so now it’s just Sims 2 and Sims 4.

Sims 2 Family: the Bancrofts. Parents are Karen and Martin and the kids are Madison, Michael, Max, Mason, Martha, Matthew, Mark, Morgan, Mackenzie and Malachi. There are five grandkids: Ashlyn and Brynlee Walker (Madison is married to Paul Walker) and Kaleb, Katherine and Kyle Bancroft (Michael married Mary Cole). Max through Morgan are in college (don’t worry, it’s a family house so no bad influences) and Mackenzie and Michael are still at home. (The ones in bold are twins, so Madison/Michael, Martha/Matthew, Mark/Morgan. Katherine and Kyle are also twins). 

Sims 4 Family: the Smiths. Parents are Nicole and Edward and the kids are Eliza and Emily, Eddie and Elijah, Evelyn and Elliot. All sets of twins. No grandkids as of yet, although it looks as though Eliza may have found a Godly young man...

Entries in this blog


We'll start where we left off. Where's the best place to have mommy-daughter time? The bathroom, of course. 


"I know, Becky, our dishwasher is, like, totally broken, and Daddy should, like, totally fix it, but he's just sooooo busy being an amazing Godly husband and father."


"Why am I eating standing up when there are eight free seats behind me? I am so sick of this househo- oops, gotta keep sweet. Gotta keep sweet."


"Yeah yeah your music is neat, Mrs Smith, but I'm just *that* much more interested in molding this clay."


"So the square root of 169 is.... wait... why is there a plate in the way?"

"Don't ask me. I'm a Bear."


"I mean, I just LOVE having six children, but I sometimes feel like something is missing now my blessings are all growing so fast... Lord, help me to deal with this new season of life..."


"Lemme just crank this up a notch, even though such a steep gradient makes me fall down... just a reminder that God has everything under control, and if I try to change things too fast, I slip up and need to slow things down to where God would have me."


"Wait... wait... what's happening? Am I older? Oh no! Will I still be able to have children? I feel like life has gone so fast..."


"Oh, help... now I'm older I'm feeling much less secure. My Bible journal has always helped. Lord, I pray that you will continue to support my family and I in the coming years, I'm feeling somewhat lost right now..."


"I'm so thankful that the Lord blessed me with such skill in the violin so that I am able to glorify Him in so many diverse ways."


"So what if video games are a distraction and not a direct way of glorifying God? I can earn money through doing this. Blicblock is hardly going to corrupt my mind."


"I bet Mommy is so proud of me, I do my Bible journal without prompting!"


"So what if talking to yourself is the first sign of madness? I'm just interacting with God's creation."


"I can't believe Mom let me get my own place already! I am so excited to be in this new season of life and I am so ready to have as many blessings as God will give me... but I've got to find a husband first..."


"FREEDOM AT LAST! I was never much of a girly girl. God, it feels so LIBERATING to wear PANTS. I hope Mom can see that wearing pants doesn't make me any less Godly."





How to Ruin a Restaurant's Atmosphere

This is a non fundie family, the Farnleys. Consists of Anna and Matt, their adopted daughter Cassia, and their bio twin daughters Alicia and Maddie. 

Anna owns a restaurant, which is moderately successful. She's there at the moment. An elderly couple arrived, she greeted them. Suddenly, the male Sim got up... and DIED. Right there, in a corner of the restaurant. DUN DUN DUN Grim Reaper appears.


I gave the post this title because the restaurant has always had a good ambiance rating (you don't get an ambiance rating per se, but it's one thing that can influence a customer's enjoyment). Witnessing a death is rather a dampener. 


Eliza and Emily will soon become Young Adults. So, courtship is nearly on the horizon. I decided to create a guy for one of them to court (I think I'll have him go with Eliza).

So, say hi to Mark Pearson! Not the greatest picture, you can't see his face very well, but I think Eliza will find him a real cutie :) 



The last post ended with the announcement of the birth of baby Ashlyn Walker, firstborn grandchild, daughter of Madison Walker (nee Bancroft) and her husband, Paul.

We now go over to Michael and his wife, Mary. She also got pregnant very quickly. (Sims 2 doesn't allow for story progression so every household is at a different stage, Madison's siblings don't age when I don't play them).


Mary's natural hobby is Sports. So, she decided to play soccer in the backyard with Michael. It's OK to play with your spouse, just not in a competitive team.




I said in a previous post that I'd have a K name theme, in honour of Karen. It also allows for (some) kreeaytive spellings. So... welcome to the world, baby Kaleb! 


When's the best time to conceive your next baby? Straight after giving birth!!


Let's pop back over to the Walkers. "Mom... you've had your babies. Let me hold my own."


Karen randomly turned up one evening, used the toilet... and left. Didn't invite her over. (I think this can happen when you've got multiple entrances to your house (this one has the main front door, and one that opened into what I consider the basement area. I've gotten rid of this door now).


Madison also conceived again. Here are Madison and Paul celebrating Ashlyn's birthday. (The bookcase is a fancy career reward, from the Education track funnily enough. I used cheats to obtain it. With most bookcases you can only read Cooking, Mechanical and Cleaning books... this offers books on all the skills. Children can read all of them, and with the skill gain rate they can easily reach level 8, where you can get a scholarship for college).


This is the "basement" underneath the main house. I converted it into a playroom for the kids. It's also got the dog bed.... I forget what the dog's called. I may have more than one pet, IDK...


Skipping a few photos... Madison's in labour again.


And... Ashlyn is joined by a little sister, Brynlee! (I thought that'd be a good fundie-style kreeaytiv name). 


Looks like Ashlyn's going to grow up!


Back over to Michael's place. Mary started a fire. Whoops.


Sims are stupid. You tell them to move AWAY from the fire... they do so... and then RUN STRAIGHT BACK. You FOOLS. She didn't have a fire alarm at the time (she does now!) so she decided to take matters into her own hands.


I think Mary may be preggers again...


"We can do this now we're married... mmm, Mary, you are so beautiful and Godly!" (No dry-humping at a golf course in this game, sadly :output_eeMbjt:)


Mary eventually gave birth to twins Katherine and Kyle (sorry for your weirdly-spelled name, Kaleb). The house was too small for two children's rooms, so I used motherlode and moved them to a BIG house. Here are the kids in their bedrooms.


So, to summarise:

Madison is married to Paul Walker. They have two children. Ashlyn is a child and Brynlee is still a baby.

Michael is married to Mary (nee Cole). They have three children. Kaleb is a child, and twins Katherine and Kyle are toddlers. 

I need to play the unmarried college siblings. I don't actually like the college aspect of Sims 2 University, it just gets tedious after a while (class, assignment, eat, sleep, bugger else to do). I've mainly been playing another custom neighbourhood recently and I haven't attached a college sub-hood to it for this reason. 


Smiths Part Seven: Just a Quick Update

I haven't played them for a while. Still nothing much has happened. 

Eddie and Elijah having a conversation. I thought I had captured the speech bubbles but apparently not. I think they were discussing grilled cheese here.


More talking. Emily doing the dishes in the back, just like a good, Godly young girl should.


Elijah wants to be, erm, athletic/a bodybuilder. He's rather skinny, so he needs a bit of exercise to build some muscles. (You can't wear caps backwards a la old-style Ben Seewald, sadly).


Eliza entered a mean phase, so she decided to yell at her mom for no reason. Of course, Nicole tells her off. 

(That orange book is what kids' homework looks like. It's not any of the Smith kids' work, it's actually from when one of the neighbour kids paid a visit, started doing homework, and then left it there. I can't move it).


The family's sleeping patterns are somewhat skewed. Edward wants to have a great garden. This was in the early hours of the morning, because why not?


Cleaning the shower seemed to mostly consist of spraying the dirt with cleaning fluid, no actual sponging involved. And yet the whole shower was miraculously clean!! 


Nicole mastered her cooking skill a while ago. This results in fancy moves. Most of which aren't exactly practical. If you're making fruit salad, surely the last thing you want to do is toss the bowl in the air...???


It can be dull stuck at home all alone. Sims love to mold clay.


The eldest twins going for a jog. Emily (blue) was hacked off because she'd tried to help a classmate, but he wasn't very grateful. Eliza was jogging because it's good for her, and for her emotional control.


Yet another Smith kid succumbs to the Bear phase. This time it's Elliot. 


Emily decides to Troll Teh Forums. "HAHAHAHA I AM MORE GODLY THAN YOUUUUU LOSERRRRRRRSSSSS!!" Nicole got wind of this and admonished her. "Look, you can't reveal our family life to others, we must maintain normality".


"Elijah, honey, there is a time and a place for you to take a selfie, and now is not it."


Objects tend to break fairly easily in Sims 4, and luckily Edward is a real Manly Man (TM) and gets to work repairing the toilet.




Grilling shish kebabs to stick in the fridge for the family to have later.


SOTDRT doesn't exactly apply in Sims 4, but the dining room still tends to be the centre of family life. Emily and Elijah doing homework. Evelyn eating a shish kebab. Elliot looking incongruous in his Purple Grape Bear outfit. And... SHOCK... Nicole doing some work. This fundie mom isn't as lazy as some others... *cough cough*



We start off in the original house. Mackenzie has grown into a child. She's in another crudely-edited-by-me dress.


You can't see it particularly well, but Malachi has black hair. Here's a photo of Karen teaching him to walk. She's wearing the Thinking Cap and he's under the influence of Smart Milk. Skills are consequently learnt incredibly fast.


Karen realised that she was pretty much at the end of her baby-producing years, so she adopted two pets; a kitten, Daniel, and a puppy, Luke.


Malachi grew up. Here he is with Karen and his brothers eating lunch/dinner (I forget which exactly).


Eventually, it came to Karen and Martin's birthdays. The whole family turned up to celebrate!


Now, we pop over to Madison and Paul. Hmm... is that... could it be... a PREGNANCY??


Yep! God saw fit to open Madison's womb!!


Paul got a job as an architect. Madison reckons he looks super cute in his suspenders. 


Madison raked up the leaves in her yard. She decided to set fire to them. FWOOSH! You can also see their fancy car.


Madison was bored whilst her husband was at work. So she decided to invite Karen over. 


Madison also decided to adopt a puppy! Here's Polly (if she's visible of course...)


Ooh! Madison's going into labour!


Yep! Madison invited Karen over again.


And.... it's a girl!! Welcome to the world, Ashlyn! I decided to go for an alphabetical theme, with slightly unusual names. 




I'm skipping out quite a few photos. This is from Madison and Michael's final semester.

It was Winter, so I decided to have them celebrate Christmas. Santa showed up! They're not sure who he is (they are sure he's not Jesus). Santa ends up needing the bathroom a lot... I guess that's what happens when you are drinking whisky at every house you visit... (this isn't what happens in Sims!)


*fast forward* Here are Madison and Michael heading off to their final ever exams!!


And... they both got Summa Cum Laude! Yay! Not that Madison will use her degree, but her parents instilled a good work ethic into her and her siblings.


Madison threw a party and made some Baked Alaska.


Mary heard that Michael had graduated. She realised she'd never use her degree, so she dropped out. She just wants to be a wife and mommy!


Michael and Mary moved in together back in Sapphire Springs. They quickly decided to get married. Here's the whole clan turning up. I *know* the dresses aren't that modest, but they were the best we had.


They quickly go to the arch. Sadly, the siblings are too busy dancing (I know, I know) to actually watch; in the end only Karen and Martin witnessed the whole thing.


Pucker up!


Cake time! The siblings are STILL dancing. Maybe I should remove the CD player.


The family have a buffet lunch. For some reason, Karen and Martin are having a pillow fight in the background...


Sims only have a limited time as adults so I decided to marry off Madison fast. Here's her husband, Paul Walker.


Things moved VERY quickly.


Kiss time! They had been on one date, and they autonomously kissed lightly at the end of the date. When Michael and Mary did this, it didn't count as the first kiss. When Madison and Paul did the kiss, it *did* count as their first kiss... huh. 


Madison chats to her little brother. I can't tell if this is Mark or Morgan.


Over to Michael and Mary's for some sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet fellowship! Heads up: Mary and Madison are *both* pregnant! They don't realise it yet, but they got that ding sound when Try for Baby is successful. I'm going to play the original household for a bit so that Karen and Martin age into elders.





Smiths Part Six: Keep On Keeping On

As I mentioned previously, I've been mainly playing the Bancrofts, as I wanted to get Michael and Mary married. In a comment on the Married! post, I mentioned that Madison is also married! She is now a Walker. You'll get to meet husband Paul in the next post.

So, the Smiths. Since you can't move teens out early like in Sims 2, life has been pretty mundane. Eliza and Emily have a week left in-game before they age up. I'll probably kick them out, so that Nicole can have a final pregnancy... since aging freezes whilst you're pregnant (which I find a pain in the ass), Edward is a fair bit older than her, when they started off the same age.

I may have mentioned this already, but Eliza wants to be an awesome musician. Her main instrument is the violin.


Eddie and Elijah aged up! Eddie making a slight DERP face.


Eddie's a painter. He can't wait to capture God's wonderful creation!


Sometimes Eliza just feels so *inspired* she starts playing in the kitchen.


Carrot cake for breakfast? Whenever Nicole makes a group meal, I put any leftovers in the fridge. The family often help themselves.


Although Emily's normally a conscientious student, sometimes things can be a bit last-minute. No-one's perfect, after all; we live in a fallen world.


Nicole gets bored alone at home, so she goes to visit the Markhams. Becky and Callum appear to not be in school. Becky seems rather warmly dressed; they live in Oasis Springs which is a desert-y neighbourhood (the Smiths live in a more verdant area).


Here's Roseanne (I realise I missed a trick by not calling her husband Dan or her other kids Darlene and DJ*. She has two sons and one daughter. The other son is Alistair).


In another post I mentioned how Energised Sims tend to work out wherever they are... the kitchen isn't exactly the best environment for push ups.


Nicole goes out fishing; there are some Baking recipes she cannot cook because she doesn't have any fish.


She soon gets bored however and starts singing God's praises.


When you all arrive home at once... you get a big blob of Sims. No wonder Eliza's looking uncomfortable here!!


Emily also decides to do some woodworking. (Maybe I'll have her be a bit rebellious when she leaves home? As in... possibly (shh)... PANTS?)


So, 5 pm. Edward arrives home from work...


... Eliza has just taken a shower and is taking a selfie...


... Eddie's putting a book away in the study...


... Elijah is in the bath (I forgot what Emily was doing) ...


... Evelyn is playing the piano...


... and Elliot is napping on his bed.


Yo, Eliza, you have a table behind you. Why are you standing up to eat your baked potato? How can you eat it standing up?


Sorry this was rather dull. Hopefully things should improve once the oldest two move out.

* I haven't actually watched very much of Roseanne. My mother introduced it to me a long, long time ago and we only had Season 2 on DVD. I need to watch it more!! 




They're Married!!!

The title is self explanatory...

I've been mostly playing with the Bancrofts, mainly because I had the marriage storyline for Michael and I wanted to get that done and dusted before going to the Smiths. 

Here's a photo of that all-important moment... THE FIRST KISS!!!


I'll cover things properly later. 

Madison has *temporarily* moved back into her parents' home, mainly for accountability reasons. Yes, I had moved Michael and Mary into the same house before marriage, but I knew I was going to get them hitched ASAP so it was only temporary. Both of them now want a baby, so that'll be coming soon. I decided that they can have a K theme, to honour Karen. Michael's lifetime want is to marry off 6 kids, so they'd better get to it, stat! 

(Formal outfits really aren't hugely modest. So I've had to be fairly liberal in that area. The girls in the family all wore knee-length or longer skirts. Most of them had bare shoulders, but hey, it's only temporary, and they very rarely wear formal gear anyway).

Both Madison and Michael managed to graduate Summa Cum Laude, thankfully. 


They're Engaged!!

Congratulations, Michael and Mary!

As soon as Michael got back from his exam (he's now in the final semester of college), he invited Mary over. After a few romantic interactions (where they properly fell in love as opposed to just having a crush on one another), Michael decided to pop the question... and she said yes!

"Mmm... she is such a Godly young woman. I love her dedication to the Lord... and her beautiful brown hair."


"Oh, Mary, you are the most beautiful, Godly young woman in the world... will you marry me?"


"Oh, Michael, this is a beautiful ring!"


"YIPPEE!! BIG FRONT HUGS FOR THE WIN! Soon we can actually kiss for the first time!!"



Brief Bancroft Update

Madison and Michael are now Seniors in college! They’ve managed to maintain their 4.0 GPA. And... Michael has a girlfriend! It’s Madison’s friend, Mary Cole. They have gone on an unchaperoned date *le gasp* but I decided that, since I am essentially God in this game, I can be their chaperone (in a sense). Plus you can only really have a “date” with one person. I suppose they could go on an outing with some friends and just do romantic interactions... It’s still early days, though. 

You can actually get engaged at college, but not married. I might have them get engaged before Michael graduates, and then have Mary drop out; it seems like something a fundie maiden would do. That way, I can move them into Sapphire Springs and have them immediately marry. 

I’m not so sure about what I’m gonna do with Madison though, I may just create her a guy in CAS back in Sapphire Springs and get them loved up quickly so they can make the most of the Adult years. 

We currently have two first-semester Seniors, one second-semester Junior, one first-semester Junior, and (soon) two first-semester Sophomores. And there are still four left at home! I might have Karen stop at 10, because she’s nearly an Elder and it’d be odd for an Elder to have a baby related to them who isn’t a grandchild. It’s a nice round number anyway. 


Bancrofts Part Six: All Together Now

A fair bit has happened since I last played with the Bancrofts. I'm going to skip forward in time a little bit. I decided that I wanted all the Bancroft offspring to live in the same house, so that it'd be easier to control them all and so I didn't have to keep switching around.

So, here are the oldest four (Madison, Michael, Max and Mason) in front of their new, as yet unfurnished house.


Max set about painting a very special motto... in Sims 2, you can add photos to the Paintings folder. You'll see the completed painting later.


I briefly went back to the main Bancroft house to move out Martha and Matthew.


They quickly settled in to college life. Martha does physics and Matthew does political science. Here's Martha cooking! 


Sadly she burnt her first attempt at pork chops, so she went with spaghetti instead.


Uh, the bathroom isn't exactly the greatest place to congregate, guys... (Reminder: Michael in the blue, Max in the green, Mason in the orange)


Madison decided she was so stinky she would have a sink bath. Thankfully she was in the privacy of the bathroom so no-one took any notice. (As you've noticed, I always tend to play with the walls fully down).


Here's the painting I mentioned earlier... it's John 3:16! "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


One of the guys (not sure which one) decided to go to class in his pyjamas... :pb_lol::my_rolleyes:


Michael loves to play in the bathtub... :my_rolleyes:


Sometimes a random person in fitness clothes will come along and yell at a Sim to exercise. I think Max is the one exercising.


Matthew gained maximum Music and Dance enthusiasm, so entered The Zone. He's the first of the kids to gain max enthusiasm in his chosen hobby, mainly because it's easy to gain enthusiasm in it.


Madison and Michael decided to have a late-night session at their hobby secret lot, Peerless Park Nature Reserve. Madison was much more successful at fishing than Michael, who only caught a couple of old boots.


I think Madison was going to her exam here. They have an exam at the end of every semester. Madison and Michael are currently in semester two of junior year.


Yes, I bought a TV... :pb_redface: I know fundies would argue that they're brain-sapping and so on, but honestly it is the easiest way for a group of Sims to raise their fun level.


Seems like going to class in your PJs is common... hope it wasn't too cold that day!! 


We finish on a nice family photo... everyone eating a meal. I can't actually see what they're eating, though.


I'm going to play with this group of siblings until Madison and Michael graduate, then I'll go back to the main household. Mark and Morgan are still only children so they've got a way to go before they get to college.


Not much of note has really happened with the Smiths, so I thought I'd title this post "Life Goes On", but it made me think of Ob-La-Di by the Beatles so I took the line from that instead.

I mentioned previously that I'd decided to remove my CC, which means removing the girls' modest skirts. This is the skirt Evelyn is currently wearing; it shows *gasp* KNEE but it's the longest skirt I could see.


I also didn't realise that the missing pyjama trousers (the only missing item, dunno how it happened) were the type Nicole was wearing. I think I'd chosen them because they were the baggiest pair I could find. So when Nicole woke up one day she was very NIKE! (This is, of course, Create-a-Sim, where I quickly gave her some new jammies).


Fruit pie for breakfast? Why not?


Elliot decided to go interact with the elderly. He's a little unsure about her bardot/cropped sweater, but he's only a kid.


Eliza goes for a jog. Parenthood introduces five Character Values, which are important to fundies. You can raise Emotional Control by jogging to clear your mind. If you raise Character Values to the top, you'll get an associated positive trait when you age to Young Adult. (Of course, you can also lower it to the bottom and get a negative trait).


Elijah visited a friends' house after school one day. He was *still* in the Bear phase, so I decided he had to wear normal clothes for this visit. (This results in a Sad moodlet). This is him chatting to Brian (forget the surname) and Callum Markham (younger brother of Becky, who was mentioned in an earlier post).


"Elijah, are you EVER going to leave this Bear phase? It looks ridiculous when you're walking around dressed as a purple bear with a bunch of grapes on your front."


Edward went to Hang Out at the San Myshuno park with neighbour Eric Lewis. (Gave him a makeover too; it seemed strange that everyone else was in a t-shirt and he was in a long-sleeved sweater).


Edward was very intrigued by the observatory; rather strange for a fundie...


Edward with a whole BOWL of animal crackers! Steve Maxwell would have an attack of the vapours :pb_lol::pb_lol::pb_lol:


Nicole's aspiration is to be a Super Parent. (I don't know if this is irony or not). Anyway, you can raise Parenting skill by doing things like disciplining your kids, helping them with homework, and so on. One of the sub-lifetime wishes is for a child to have three positive character traits (which I mentioned earlier). Sims 2 and 3 have similar systems. 


Like Eliza and Eddie before her, Evelyn is very creative. She loves to make music!


Nicole loves baking, so she made some carrot cake! (That grimy counter top will be cleaned by one of the E-slave/sister moms  kids later.


"Wow! Eliza made such a beautiful volcano!"


Remember what I said earlier?


Edward and Nicole decided to have a date night/evening. They visited a garden in Willow Creek first. 


Later... the beloved fundie dip kiss!


Emily and Eliza doing their preferred activities... Emily programming and Eliza about to play the violin. Here you can see their snazzy new PJs.


We finish this random life post with a picture of Nicole eating some gumbo (I think? Or was it franks and beans? They look very similar in game).





Bancrofts Part Five: Ten Kids... ACHIEVED.

With that title, I think y'all can guess what happens here!!

We start off briefly in Madison's place in college. She decided to invite her brother and his friends over. Ever the young Godly helpmeet, Madison makes the food.


Madison maxed her Creativity! Selling paintings is a good way of making money for young fundie Sim women who won't get jobs.


***NIKE ALERT!*** Madison was on the toilet and... erm... WTF ARE YOU DOING MAX???


Originally, Madison, Mary and Lottie shared a room. I eventually changed it so they each had a room. Here's Madison doing an assignment. I decided that even though she won't get a job, it's worth her doing well anyway.


Madison is also good at the mechanical skill, which came in handy when the stereo broke.


I briefly installed a little hot spring in the garden. Madison decided to use it, before planting a garden. This is the most modest swimsuit there is.


Back to the main compound now...

Sometimes, for no reason, adults "lecture" babies. I thought this sounded like rather a fundie thing to do...


Mason dancing. The Bancrofts are OK with it, as it's "glorifying God". 


... is that a GREEN Sim one of the kids brought home from school? I decided to go into debug mode in CAS for one family and made a family of aliens. This is Tycho Williams. The other kid is Lakshmi Singh.


Mason made a snowman... sadly it was a DEVIL snowman! (I deleted it immediately).


Mason turned into a teenager. As happens in the family, he quickly went to college. Karen also quickly got pregnant with #9 after giving birth to Mark and Morgan. This is her going to collect her novel... "How to Keep Sweet". The icon above her head is a memory being formed; it was a best-seller! Clearly there are more fundies in Sapphire Springs and the rest of Sim City than I thought...


I managed to get a shot of Karen about to go into labour.


Baby #9 and... GIRL #3!!! Welcome to the family, Mackenzie. Lying on the floor, wondering what on earth you're doing, is par for the course in this family. 


At some point, I used the maxmotives cheats again to keep them all permanently happy. I figured it was God (well, me) rewarding them for having nine children. 

Martin and Karen were nearing the Elder life stage. Seeing as they had a baby in the house (plus another coming), I decided to get them the Elixir of Life to extend their lifespan a bit. Again this is a reward from God... (photo in a bit)

Martha and Matthew were now Teens. Martha was in PANTS when she aged up, but thankfully there was a nice modest outfit waiting for her in the shared family wardrobe.



Matthew changed into some weird all-black outfit with a long coat. I haven't changed it yet. He maxed his Mechanical skill. I was wondering why he couldn't play the piano anymore... turned out it needed tuning, and Children can't tune pianos.


Here's Martin using the Elixir of Life. Karen had used it first.


Karen and Martha had a heart-to-heart on the marital bed. Karen then felt convicted to read her Bible.


Mackenzie aged up! Her colour is purple as you can tell. Dress is from Mod the Sims.


We finish the post on a surprise photo *ahem*... here's Baby #10, Malachi! (Yep, another boy). What's the difference here, you ask? Malachi is adopted! Karen somehow guessed she was nearly at the end of her childbearing years, and suddenly felt convicted to adopt a child. After all, there are plenty of unwanted and unsaved  children in SimNation so she felt she could help out. The photo is at a weird angle... Matthew is in front of the fridge. He'd given Malachi a bottle before dumping Malachi on the floor. I couldn't see Malachi from my usual playing angle because of the counter, so I had to go for the birds'-eye view. 






So I seem to have come across yet another, albeit minor, issue.

I loaded up the game. I get a notification saying that one or more CAS items have been removed. From what I can work out, all that’s gone is one pair of pyjama bottoms (which happened to be the ones Eliza and Emily were wearing). I repaired the game, removed the couple of items of CC I had, still this one item is missing. 

As I've removed the CC, I’ve had to give Evelyn a new skirt. It’s a PITA but it’s minor in the grand scheme of things.


Smiths Part Four: A Catch Up

A fair bit has happened since I last updated on the Smith family. As of my last save... NO MORE TODDLERS! All the kids are in school, and with Edward working that means Nicole gets some time to herself. 

Toddlers can get Angry when their needs aren't being fulfilled. Some emotions have three levels. Evelyn woke up ENRAGED one morning... she was starving, lonely and in need of fun. Poor kid. 5a84f318c936b_02-07-18_2-48-16AM.thumb.png.ac3620d650f401aa24be141ff458df4b.png

I gave Nicole another makeover. She's gone for a much more Maxwellian vibe. The t-shirt reads "It's On Us", which is a movement founded by Obama to fight against sexual assault on college campuses. Nicole doesn't know this; she just assumes it means "it's on us to convert people to the Lord". I wanted to change her out of her plain clothing and give her something patterned.


I love the grilling options you can get on the barbecues. Here Nicole decides to grill some fruit for the family breakfast. Unlike *some* fundies we know, the Smiths eat relatively healthily.


Sims can get ill with the addition of Get to Work, and can present with some bizarre symptoms. Googling gives either Gas and Giggles or Itchy Plumbob. I don't know quite what was afflicting Eliza, but I was able to order some medicine. This family are OK with modern medicine it seems.


We have Teens! Eliza and Emily decided to go for matching outfits as per. When you send one Sim to plan an outfit in Sims 4, you can actually edit the whole family. As ever, Eliza is pink and Emily blue.


Eliza is a great helpmeet-in-training! 


Elliot and Emily woke up early one morning and had some sweet sibling time together in the study.


Emily is a Nerd Brain. I decided she should get into Programming (another Maxwell-inspired idea. Sorry Smiths).


Finally! NO MORE TODDLERS PRAISE JEEBUS. Once the older kids had gone to school, Elliot and Evelyn aged up. 


I finally got round to giving the kids Bible journals. Here's Eliza using hers. She'd had an embarrassing day at school so was confiding all in there. 


Emily was feeling rather tense due to lack of fun so I sent her on a jog. 


This is the girls' room as it is currently. 


And here's the boys' room.


Elijah is the latest kid to enter the Bear phase. He decided to be Avocado Bear. He's also been Pineapple and Orange Bear.


Eddie getting in some early morning Bible journaling. 


Edward going off to work. This will be the first time since I started playing that Nicole will be all alone at home. 


Nicole decided to go fishing. 


Aaaaaaaand the peace ends.


Bible journal session. Elliot took advantage of a freshly-baked plate of jammy doughnuts.


Nicole took all the kids to a bake sale to volunteer. Apparently, Elijah spent the whole time in his bear costume *sigh*


Eddie got ill one day so was allowed a sick day off school.


And finally... Eliza decides to learn to cook. She started off with some simple Mac and Cheese.



Bancrofts Part Four: College and a Catch-Up

Last time we saw the Bancrofts, eldest twins Madison and Michael had just headed off to college. Madison chose the Mathematics major. I moved her into a small dorm with a group of other "fundie" Sims. As I'd created them, they were all controllable; I soon realised that this was too much so I moved Madison out after her first semester. (Two semesters per "year", four "years". Each semester lasts 3 game days/72 game hours). This is Madison coming back with fellow math major Mary Cole.


This is Lottie Harper. She's a biology major I think. 


The other two were Alice Jones (all blue, blonde plaits) and Elizabeth Banks (all purple, red wavy hair).

Madison decided to do a brief stint in the dorm cafeteria. She wore PANTS! She earned 10 simoleons roughly every twenty game minutes (twenty seconds in real time) and didn't even have to do much work. SCORE.


After her first semester, she moved into a house. Now, how can we tell this is an all-girls' house? (She moved out with Mary Cole).


They decided to form a Greek house and invited over old dorm-mate Lottie Harper to join. (Sims 2 University has its own "Greek-style" letters/names for their houses; this is the Annya-Hoh-Oresha Sorority).


Now, we hop over to Michael's dorm, where he (of course) was living in a single-sex dorm. In keeping with "Sapphire" Springs, the other dorms are named various shades of blue. Madison was in Sky dorms, whereas Michael's is Navy. There's also Periwinkle and Azure for my non-fundies.

One evening, Karen randomly showed up. I don't know why, I didn't see her come in... that's a fundie mom for you. (The guy behind her is Samuel Marsden).


Michael decides to hang out with dorm-mate Bradley Jefferson. Their cafeteria worker was female... Madison's was male. Go figure.


(I forgot Michael's major, although it might have been something sciencey. Next time I play them I'll check).

As I mentioned in the bonus Eastley post, Cow mascots are "evil"; more prone to do nasty autonomous actions like poke Sims and, as this photo demonstrates, set off sprinklers. The guy just visible at the side is Pete Farleigh.


Let's go back to the main Bancroft house. Karen's in a familiar situation... (Max is in the green playing chess).


You know what Karen changing out of her long skirt means by now... The white glow refers to the fact that she has max enthusiasm in Arts and Crafts. She has max creativity skill, so she can sell paintings for a good amount. 


Max decides to move out. When a Sim leaves for college everyone stops what they're doing and rushes to see them off.


Martha is the only girl in the main house now. Because I gender-segregate the bedrooms, she gets a room to herself. (SPOILER: it's gonna stay that way for a while yet).


Karen's in another familiar situation. I haven't yet had a bathroom baby. This is another situation where everyone runs over to see what's going on.


She had twins again; two boys, Mark and Morgan. Sorry, Martha.

Back to Michael. He also moved out into his own place (well, not alone technically). Max moved straight into this house instead of into a dorm. When he aged into a Young Adult, he was wearing a ridiculously "fancy" outfit of cream suit, black shirt and red tie. I bought him some more casual clothes.


We end the post on a fun photo: Madison and Lottie had a pillowfight in front of the basketball hoop (Mary's main hobby is sports. As I've said before, Sims can be interested in any hobby, but they'll have a favourite. Madison's favourite is Nature, like her father's).




Smiths Part Three: Yup, More Twins

We start off with a picture of Eddie on a toddler tablet. There are five toddler skills in Sims 4, four of which can be learnt using the tablet; Communication, Imagination, Movement and Thinking (the other being Potty). I know Imagination and Thinking seem incongruous with a fundie family, but they apply to all toddlers, so... they lead to faster gains in the appropriate child skill, i.e. communication leads to child social, imagination to child creativity, movement to child motor and thinking to child mental. Babies get a trait when they age into toddlers, which again are toddler-specific. I make all the fundie toddlers Independent so they can teach themselves skills (and prefer to do so) rather than have Nicole help.

(Apologies for the stink cloud. Toddlers lose Hygiene very fast. It's not a poopy diaper).


Nicole's going into labour again! I think Edward (the dad) was at work at this point... he didn't go into Pre-Parental Panic until a while after he'd come home. Yeah, you missed the boat buddy.


As I said before, I always age up Sims 4 babies quickly as their crying is irritating. This is little Elliot...


... and his twin sister, Evelyn! (That's Eliza in the back. The lighting's very bright in that area).


Not long later, Eddie and Elijah aged up. Here's Elijah; Eddie is wearing the same outfit, but in blue.


Here's the one of Eddie.


With The Sims 4 Parenthood (a pack), Children can get phases. By far the most common I've had is Be a Bear. It's exactly as it sounds. The child turns into a colourful, fruit-themed bear, with five choices. Eliza went for pineapple the first time round.


I decided to create another fundie family, primarily for fellowshipping purposes. This is Becky Markham; Emily decides to say hi. (Eliza looking daft in her bear costume in the back).


Kiddie get-together in the girls' room. Only one missing is Elijah.


Eddie, Evelyn and Elliot eating in the living room. 


That's all for now!

Next part will be the eldest Bancroft twins (Madison and Michael) at college. 




Boo hiss to crackly audio.

So the audio is still fairly crackly in Sims 3. It's not all the time, but it's enough that it's irritating. Sims 2 and 4 are fine. My audio drivers seem to be up-to-date. So, for now, I won't be playing the Taylor family. I managed to get Bethany and Christopher to age into Children. But for now I'll be focusing on the Bancrofts and the Smiths.

Sucks, but it happens sometimes. And 2 out of 3 games isn't bad. :D 


Smiths Part Two: MOAR BAYBEEZ

So the last time we saw the Smiths (Sims 4) they had just two kids. Surprise surprise there are MORE!

We start off with a random photo. When Sims are Energized they will randomly do sit-ups or push-ups wherever they are.


He then decides to go jogging. After all, fundies are often into fitness.


Sims 4 Get to Work introduces the Baking skill. There are three related cooking skills: Cooking, Gourmet Cooking and Baking. You can cook recipes using the oven and the cupcake factory. Cooking covers cakes, chocolate chip cookies, cobbler and apple pie (as well as normal breakfast/lunch/dinner dishes); Gourmet Cooking covers tiered cake and cheesecake (as well as fancier breakfast/lunch/dinner dishes), and Baking covers all sorts, like muffins, breads, scones and so on. Here, Nicole is being a good helpmeet and has baked some bread. 


Nicole reading to the twins. Sims 4 allows toddlers to grab their own portion of whatever group meal has been made; the parent does not have to stick them in a high chair (although they are still available). This is very useful! Emily has her own portion of pancakes. 


Not long later.... MOAR TWINS! Here are Eddie and Elijah. It took me a while to twig that Edward and Eddie are the same name... oh well, it's a common thing to do. Eddie is blue and Elijah is green.


Here they are as toddlers. Nicole has birthed two sets of twins and she's still pretty slim. I've noticed in this game that Sims tend to get a little fatter/wider after they've had a few kids, but Nicole doesn't appear to have been affected yet.


Eliza and Emily grew up! Eliza is being a good little helpmeet-in-training by helping to clear up dirty dishes. Skirt is from Mod the Sims.


Here's Eliza doing one of the funner jobs (/sarcasm).


Nicole loves the outdoors so periodically goes outside to breathe fresh air (I know I would if I was stuck indoors with two sets of twins!) She randomly decided to start singing after harvesting a cherry tree. The Lord is SO GOOD y'all! His creation is so marvellous, you just HAVE to sing His praises!


Eliza is rather creative so she's practising the violin. Emily is a Genius (yeah, doesn't really fit with the usual fundie mould) but being good at the child mental skill leads to boosts in gaining Programming etc skills later, and fundies tend to be into programming. (Obviously taking inspiration from the Maxwells here). Plus I tend to make most of my children creative so I thought genius would be a change.


Preggers again!


Nicole decided she would get really into working out during this pregnancy. What I don't understand is that pregnant women can use the workout machine and the running machine, yet can't go jogging around the neighbourhood... you'd think pounding a treadmill would be more vigorous. Who knows.


We'll have to end here. The next blessing (or blessingS, I'm guessing this'll be twins again given the On A Ley Line lot trait) hasn't/haven't been born yet. 


My very first Sims 4 fundie family were the Morrises (who no longer exist as I deleted the game). They had six kids. The name theme was L: Letitia, Lisa and Leyton (twins, Leyton was the only boy), Libby, Lydia and Lexi. Letitia got married to a guy called Pete Harper and had two sons, Adam and Billy. 

First photo: Letitia (pink) and Lisa (blue) heading to school. Second photo: Libby. Third photo: all the girls asleep in their dorm bedroom. I didn't take that many photos of them, so there are no photos of what Lydia and Lexi looked like, although I think their colours were probably yellow and red. This family was before toddlers existed (almost two years ago).





Bonus Post: The Eastleys

I haven't been playing my fundie families much lately. I thought I'd do a general overview post on the Eastley family. 

Saskia Eastley (nee Pinkerton-Jones) started off as a Young Adult at University of Sapphire Springs. I decided to make a really posh dorm, each room having an ensuite, and full of expensive furniture, just for the lolz. Saskia moved in with Jessica Parker-Smythe and Louisa d'Armigny. Saskia's the redhead, Jessica's the blonde and Louisa is in all-black.


Jessica and Louisa had specific career-related Lifetime Wants, and Saskia didn't (she wants to reach her Golden Anniversary I believe), and the Political Science degree fit with both Louisa and Jessica, so I got them all to do the same degree. The bonus was that they always had the same classes (leaving the lot at the same time) and the same skill requirement for each semester. 

When they're at university, Sims don't automatically change into their Everyday outfit when they go to class, so a couple of times I had Sims going whilst in their PJs or underwear.


Saskia and Jessica were both into Music and Dance and Louisa was into Arts and Crafts. So I stuck a ballet barre into the dorm. It's also the cheapest object you can buy to build the Body skill.


Sims 2 University features two mascots. The Llama mascot is good and the Cow mascot is bad. If they're both on the lot at once, they'll get into a fight.


The girls became good friends with the Llama mascot (I forget his name). Louisa even became BFFs with him! 

You know what's a good idea when it's raining? A water balloon fight!


Jessica got bored one day so decided to Streak around the dorm. Neither of her friends took any notice.


I didn't take that many photos of them when they were at college. They all graduated Summa Cum Laude and moved back to Pleasantview.

To make things easier I decided to create a guy for Saskia myself rather than have her meet a random NPC. Here's Simon Eastley.


Things moved pretty quickly on the Romance front and they soon got married. In the photo we have Jessica, Abby Morris-Jones (neighbour, and one of the lesbians Karen Bancroft met on her first day), Samuel Marsden (one of the group of Sims I created so that Michael Bancroft could live in an all-male dorm, and who actually became BFFs with Saskia), and Louisa. 


Jenna Morris-Jones (Abby's wife) had been on holiday with her kids, and had learnt the Slap dance (each holiday destination has a specific dance). She started doing it... so everyone joined in and learnt the Slap dance off her. Saskia and Abby look fairly similar. Saskia's the one towards the back of the photo, talking to Simon.


Simon and Saskia took a holiday to Takemizu Village (Far East themed). I didn't take any photos.

I decided to create a pair of cats in Create-a-Sim/Pet and moved them in. They're called Ginger and Vanilla. See if you can guess which is which! :pb_lol:


Simon's Lifetime Want is for three kids to graduate from college, so they got going fairly quickly. Here are twins (yep, lots of em in Sapphire Springs!) Tara and Ryan. Tara's being taught how to talk by Simon, and Ryan is the one playing with the activity table.


Santa paid a visit! (I made sure to keep the lights off so they wouldn't risk catching fire). Saskia's in the pink nightdress. Abby and Simon work in the same career track; like kids sometimes bring home a classmate, so do adult Sims sometimes bring home a co-worker. Presumably this is to help make friends.


Tara and Ryan are currently Children and Saskia is gestating baby #3. I used the motherlode money cheat so that the family could buy a vacation home; Simon, Tara and Ryan are currently on holiday in Takemizu Village.

Since I've only done one post on them I'll have the next Fundie update to be on my Sims 4 family, the Smiths.


First of all: NO MORE TODDLERS! Second: Madison and Michael have moved to college! Madison lives in an all-girls dorm with four others who are all like her; long skirts etc. She's a Mathematics major; I figured she should do a fairly academic subject rather than something potentially "iffy" like Art or Drama or Philosophy (fundies THINKING! *gasp*) which her family probably wouldn't look too well upon.

OK. Let's GO!

First up: Martin took a "missioncation" to Twiikii Island with Madison, Michael and Max when the twins were still Children. They didn't really do much... Martin just thought he deserved a holiday. He thought the kids would like it; a fun way to experience God's creation. 

See? He needed *such* a rest...


The next morning... breakfast in your PJs. This is a HOLIDAY, dammit. 


Nothing much happened on the holiday; I took fewer photos than I thought. They buggered off home halfway through.


Back home. Madison is *such* a good little helpmeet!


Karen is a pretty good artist. It's a way she can make money without leaving the home. Win win!


I think I had the Needs permanently maxed so it was OK (*ahem*) to leave Mason to his own devices. It's a pretty good way of getting them to max some skills while still young.


Martha and Matthew as toddlers. This seems like a likely fundie thing... buy cheap dog beds for your kids to sleep on.


Michael was a good brother-dad when he was around. 


Karen maxed the Cooking skill! 


Karen entered another cooking contest. Thankfully she had sister-mom Madison on hand to hold the fort. The contest ended up being two Baked Alaskas against a plate of Hot Dogs and a Chef Salad. Yeah, great show of your skills. Karen won again.


You might not be able to see it, but Karen finally maxed her enthusiasm in Cuisine. She can now enter The Zone, with a white light around her. 


Family photo call now, age order: Madison, Michael, Max, Mason, Martha, Matthew.







Max and Mason (Max in green, Mason in white)



Martha (in a crudely-edited outfit, downloaded from Mod the Sims, edited in Paint (LOL) using Body Shop). Can you tell her 'colour' is yellow? :pb_lol::pb_lol:






To round off, here's Madison off to college!



Quick Update

I’ve mostly been playing the Bancrofts today. Karen and Martin are slowly adjusting to life with six children. As of my last save (when I quit the game) there are now two Teens, two Children and two Toddlers. Martin took the three eldest on a “missioncation” to Twiikii Island, except in typical fundie style they didn’t get much mission work done. Just a brief reminder of the kids: Madison and Michael are the Teens (twins), Max and Mason are the Children (not twins), and Matthew and Martha are the Toddlers (twins). I’m slightly hoping Karen has more daughters in the future once the eldest start moving out; it’s more obvious that they’re a modesty-oriented family when the girls are in their knee-length skirts. There’s no way of influencing the sex in Sims 2 like there is in Sims 3, and the Taylors (TS3) have three boys and three girls anyway. 

I’ve been taking plenty of photos as per. The Bancrofts yet again ran into a technical problem (my side of the screen) when the laptop went into hibernation because it was low on battery. When I brought it back to life, the game started not responding so... yeah, restarted. Thankfully it only went back a couple of hours... but seriously, it’s kinda ridiculous how many problems there have been with the Bancrofts!! God is clearly testing them a lot. 




Not sure why Sims 2 was fucked. I disabled a mod I had, and it seemed fine after that, so I assume that might be why. It had been working fine beforehand with the mod, but games can fuck up sometimes.

Sims 3 was more complex. I looked it up, did a lot of what internet forums said, made sure it was fully updated via Origin... PRAISE RUFUS it's working again. 

So YAAAAAYYYYYYYY! Soon I can do updates on the Bancrofts and the Taylors. And I've now got a Sims 4 family I've gotten in to... oh, splitting my attention between 3 games... it can be done. 

All fingers crossed that they continue to work. Sims 3 was more tricky but thankfully the Internet seemed to come up with the solution(s, I'm not sure what it was that got it to work) so I can just do them again if needs be (bloody well hope not).



Smiths Part One: Third Time Lucky

Yeah, I was always going to, let's be honest... :pb_lol:

This fundie couple is Edward and Nicole Smith. They live in Oasis Springs. I used the freerealestate cheat to blag them a big house. Yes, that IS a TV, but they ONLY use it for educational purposes.


You know what's coming.... time to test the bed!


Sims 4 is different in that you don't hear a chime, you take a pregnancy test instead. Sadly, that first act of sweet fellowship did not result in a pregnancy.


I then tried again a few hours later, nope, no pregnancy. Just before they went to bed, they decided to try for a third time...


Dirty and stinky, but jubilation! The Lord has seen fit to open Nicole's womb! (This, obviously, explains the post title).

In this game, you get a little bump right away. You also get to keep your normal clothes, so thankfully Nicole gets to stay nice and modest during her pregnancies. Nicole is somewhat of a musician, and decides to build some violin and piano skills while she can.


They decide to set up a small playroom. I also figured that bright yellow clothing against such yellow hair was a bit much, so changed her clothing to pink. 


Nicole decides to keep a Bible journal. I think she was upset here, but I forget precisely why. Maybe just thinking about the Lord and His goodness gets her emotional.


Edward decides that Fishing would be a good idea. He clearly finds it rather dull, so decides to search for a few motivational Bible verses.


It seems like very little time before.... TWINS! Despite the masculine colour of the second crib, they are both girls. Eliza is in the pink crib and Emily in the blue. You can add Lot Traits in Sims 4. The traits for this lot are On a Ley Line (increases chance of twins), Chef's Kitchen (helps with Cooking) and Sunny Aspect, which can give an Energised or Inspired moodlet.


Sims 4 offers mothers the chance to Breastfeed their babies for the first time. Nicole knows that this is the Godly way to do things. 


Edward originally had a Politics job, but decided he had more of a businessman bent to him and so joined that track. Here he is going to his first day. It's a relatively boring photo but Edward doesn't feature much in this post.


I always Age Up Sims 4 babies ASAP as they tend to be harder to care for than Sims 3 ones as they cry more. Here are the girls, Eliza in pink and Emily in blue.


Nicole knows to start the kids with the Bible early. She gets out a kid's Bible story and reads it to Eliza.


Is that Edward.... DANCING?!?!?! Maybe we can have this family believe that some dancing in the privacy of your own home if it's honouring to God. IDK, fundies have weird logic.


The couple get Very Flirty in order to create a good atmosphere to conceive Blessing #3. I find men's portraits for Very Flirty to look a tad weird. 


Looks like it was successful!


Uh oh... looks like Eliza's being a tad naughty. No corporal punishment in The Sims so Nicole's going to have to rely on a firm telling off.


Nicole decided to take the twins to the Spice Festival over in San Myshuno. In typical fundie style she left them alone while she went to sample some of the curry on offer. To close off this post, here are the girls hugging... and Emily creating some of her own street art.



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