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Baby Thor

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About this blog

Kittens!!  Updates, feel good pics, and the random wonderfuls that come with my new baby: Little Thor.  

In happy kitty memory of his litter mates: Little Loki & Little Hestia. 


Entries in this blog


Thor-Beir Gardian

However you call it: 

Easter, Ostara, Resurrection Weekend, Extra Day off Work, enjoy it! Thor kitty has been stalking the roommates all day & being snuggle kitty at night. We've got windows open, fresh air blowing in, little bit of cleaning happening. A few days ago Thor passed out asleep in Texi's fur.... they stayed like that for quite a while, content in the sunbeam.

Thor's currently helping me with my beer situation. He tested out the box & decided he needed to do some QC. The bottles held his chubby butt just fine. 




Box kitten

Final semester of school, spent a smidge of financial aid money on a pretty fabulous new stone setting tool.

Apparently the box it was shipped in is super comfortable.... even with the item.... still... in... the box. He squoze his little chubby butt into the remaining space, pushing down all the packing paper :my_biggrin:

If I fits, I sits. 

Last pic is from about a week ago. I just couldn't resist those faces. 





Thor the Destroyer

And that's it for the tree.  Second knock down, broke 2 ornaments and he's walking around looking like a sparkle goth kitty.  Little Hooman brushed him down so he doesn't ingest the glitter.  The tree is back in it's box till next year and the floor vacuumed for a second time today.  He didn't do it on purpose, he was doing kitty curiosity things & his claws caught the skirt and down it came.  Le sigh.  It could have been worse. 

Should I mention that he attempted to eat the straw from my drink earlier? 

Mama needs a grown up drink...





A Thor Kitty Christmas

The tree lasted 3 days. 3. The Girl was home that morning & said she heard the crash down the hallway. She ran into the living room to find the tree & table both on their sides, the tree leaning precariously on the couch. Thor was freaked out enough to not try his move again but he's still horribly curious and I know he's going to go after the gifts. During tree clean up we found a bunch of his stashed toys.... he guarded them well. 

I made bath bombs the other day & thought I baracaded them well enough to dry.....apparently not. He did some strength & QA testing for me during the night. 

He helped me get my gifts wrapped this evening. Ribbon really is his speciality. He's also partial to carefully adding appropriate pre-wrinkles to tissue paper. Totally the helpfullest helper that ever helped.





Finals Week Thor

So South La is having winter this weekend.  That means plenty of sleety, yucky rain.  The Dog Thing is practicing her "fast as possible" potty routine and the cats are a bunch of stir crazy slut bags either running about the house or sleeping all super cute on stuff.  I've been tearing my hair out trying to get some creative ideas to happen with my final project this week as well as simply getting something show worthy together for next semester.  Of course, Thor is the most helpful kitty ever!  He likes to rattle the things around in my tool box, so I kept telling him no.  Alright mama, I'm just gonna lay riiiiigghht here.  

We have an older house and there are these sort of free standing tall double cabinets separating the kitchen from the living room.  The tops are about a foot from the ceiling.  He's figured out he can balance on the back of an antique recliner we have in the living room and launch himself up there.  He apparently gets way more out of that than navigating the horde of randomness that's on top of the fridge.  *sigh* at least he isn't scaling my curtains anymore.....





Holidays closed in along with the anticipation of finals & midterms. Thor's hair loss has slowed down but he's still got thin patches. He's been on a rip (literally) since the temps have dropped. All the animals seem frisky. This week since the Girl has been off we haven't needed to be up early. So obviously, that means kitties aren't getting the skritches & num nums at the proper time! Thor is obligated to sing & cry & fling himself at the door in hopes that we will come to our senses & let him in. The one night I let him sleep with us I was awoken at 2 am by big purrs & wet, sniffy kisses all over my face. When I attempted to roll over he simply threw himself across my throat in an attempt to access my face. I escorted him out of the room. At 6 he reminded me that he was still out there so into the bathroom he went. Later I discovered he wasn't pleased with that outcome. 


(I'm on mobile so I hope I did the spoilers right!)











Not A baby, mama

Dis mornin I sat on my mama while she looked at the big light box. She was very warms & gave me nice pets. When the Princess & that dog thing come from outside their fur is cool & schmells different.  My fur is poofy but it itches sometimes.  Mama gived me a hooman bath. I didn't like it but I stopped being itchy. 

I'm going to play wif my sparkly ball. 

T. Winchestor III



National Cat Day or Something??

Sooo yeah.  Yesterday was apparently national cat day?  I didn't realize!  Well, until the end of the day of course.  Been a roller coaster month.  Husband can't seem to stay out of the hospital, my senior show is rapidly approaching, the girl got her car and has driven it allll over.  Now to just get her officially fully licensed and the Honey back to working order.  

I'm tired ya'll.  Like.....Tired.  Thor baby has been keeping me safe and warms.  His fur is falling out again in various places, I think it's a winter thing.  There's no fleas or anything on him and it seems to be fine during the hot months.  Seasonal alopecia anyone?  I gave him a bath with some shampoo for the fur the other day (got a nice perfect puncture would on my back for that), seemed to help a bit.  He doesn't seem to be itching as much.  Other than looking a little dorky, he's the usual sweet hellion kitty.  I nabbed a rare sweet pic of he and the Old Man.  

Texi and Thor.jpg


Thor the study Kitten

Typing, writing, and wailing on metal...these are a few of my favorite things....:music-singing:  Ok not all of'em.  But the carpal tunnel is getting a workout this semester!  Thor says as long as the petting hand is still functional, he's ok.  He even occasionally tests it out with his teefs to make sure the feeling is still there!  Such a sweet kitty.  I've been doing a lot of my online work at the dinner table so his favorite place is on the saddle behind me.  (yes there's a saddle and full tack in my dining room....don't ask, that's what happens when you marry a pack-rat cowboy)  It's very good for cradling even chubby kitties.  Each morning when any of us goes out the door, he's watching in his big special window looking at The World.  

We've made the mistake of letting him sleep in the bed with us again a few times.  Somewhere around 2 am I wake up to purrs and feets in and on my face quickly followed up with the whole body.  He feels the need to kiss kiss and flea me whilst purring his butt off.  Out into the hallway he goes.  Then my 3:45 alarm goes off so I can take the nephew to work around the corner.  Needless to say, mama is tired!





Ex's & hurricanes & teenagers, Oh My!

(Not so) Wee Wittle Thor is enjoying the window sitting. It hasn't begun to really get crazy here yet but the air is very lively & there are random showers, everything around my town is flooded at least a little. 

The storm in and of itself is enough. Add insult to injury, my ex is bound from his northernmost abode to gift his child with a car. Its not an unwelcome thing, I need the freedom it will afford my schedule. However he really thinks he can just show up into another state & drop off a random vehicle with random paperwork and it be possible for me to register it. Sadly the great state of La clings to civil code, therefore our laws of possession are much different.  Never mind the fact that I simply hate seeing the SoB. 

Days off from school and work afford plenty of kitty & doggie squishing, so there's that. A piece of me twinges each time I go outside, I think there's something I need to do. Last year this time my yard turned into a lake, I worked furiously to lift doghouses onto pallets and laid tarps strategically to keep the dogs dry.  My beautiful dog took on whatever bacteria that caused her infections that ultimately took her life earlier this year. It feels strange having all the kids indoors safe & sound.  

I feel content but restless all at the same time.. Ya know? 

On that note: I give you all, tropical storm cuteness.






And a pretty pretty Precious!  

They really do seem to sleep in the oddest positions!!  Totally separate naps on separate days. 

Precious, The Dog Thing, finally went and had her "do" did.   I'd let her grow out quite a bit because her fur was so brittle and thin due to a skin infection. Once it got to the 1982 Tina Turner phase, I called around and found a groomer.  She got a good bath and brush and the groomer tamed the mane and added some bows.  Those bows were out within an hour, she only looks prissy.  Thor was unimpressed.  And now there's another hooman in the mix??? Gaaaahhhhh.  At least he feels right, the kitties didn't take long to warm up.  He has a habit of leaving his bedroom door open and the boys are typically taking up space on his pillow and blanky.  





Thor Things

So.  THIS cat.  You know how it goes, you're cleaning out things, moving things, trying to organize....and they have to come....help.  Yeah.  In the midst of the helping he is mean to Precious because she likes being near us when we're home.  She's a very social little dog, not ok with alone time.  So it's, move a box, shove the kitty out of the way.  Hear the hissy swat and try not to trip over the slowly retreating dog, and forget why you opened that box.  That the cat is now sitting in.  (my nephew is moving in this weekend so I'm trying to get the spare room cleaned out and find a home for all the random junk we have)  Went to bed last night icky fully intending to drop Little Hooman off to catch her bus and go to the park or gym.  HA! *snort* nope.  Back to bed for an hour.  Got up to finally take a bath...Our favorite little bandit has absconded with the tub stopper!!!  I search around it's usual hiding spots, it's no where.  He's been on such a tear, there's literally no telling where he hid it.  I did the old "shove washclothes into the drain hole" trick so I could at least get a puddle to scrub in.   The Old Man was laying on the bath mat rightbythetub and then Thor feels it necessary to get up the edge of said tub whilst I was attempting to put my schmells back in order.  (WHYY didn't I just take a damn shower!!??)  So today is dedicated to his bits and pieces.  There's a shot of his main toy pile, he insisted on being in the photo, and I got down on the dining room floor to grab underneath a cabinet.  He has all the best stuff under there, but alas, he's too chubby these days to fit and retrieve any of it!  And finally him stalking the dog as I walk her across the living room from her morning romp.  Yes, I have to accompany her so she isn't randomly victimized.  The scratchy post is strategically placed in hopes of keeping them from totally killing that chair.  AWWWW I just realized I forgot to get a shot of his TP roll.  I had to sacrifice one to him to save every multipack I ever buy!  He's a shredder.


BTW, Thor says: Hewwo!






Sometimes the authorities leave their thrones for us kitties to keep warms for dems. Those thrones have their shcmells & are very good for cradling sleepy kitties. That dog thing can't get into them, so I knows they're extra good. 

I been singing my songs for dems at nighttime. I know my mommy misses me when I'm not in her sleepy spot wif her. She even answers me wif a "shhhh" hissy noise. Hoomans forgot how to purr. 

I think I'm going to play wif my nippy mouse. 


-T. Thor Winchester the Thord 





Sleepy Thorsdays

I waz bein' sweet sweet kitty last night on my momma's nice binky.  She keeps it on her throne so I can sleeps behind her.  The authorities don't let me in the mysterious room that has their smell at people sleepy time anymores....but they let that stinky dog thing in there.  She's very delicates, she doesn't play or swat back at me.  But in the mornings the daddy authority lets me in dat room and I give my mommy big head boops and rub her faces wif my wet nose so she gets allll my scent.  She's mine ya know.  And I try to take care of hers and flea her face and paws but she pushes me off and says Ow! No!  I'm just trying to help.  

I tink it's nap times till my peoples come back from The World.

-T. Thor Winchester the Thord.





Loungy kitty

I think he's basically accepted that the dog is not leaving.  Sometimes she leaves with us to go to work....and then she comes back!  He lets me love on him again, well until she shows up then it hissy claws.  She sleeps in our room and he gets all fierce with her from behind the line of boots under the bed, so he doesn't sleep in our room anymore.  When I get up at night he comes to meet me and I give him cuddles and he purr purrs his butt off.  My truck is a little louder than it should be (yes there's still a little redneck left in me) and every so often he'll run to the window to watch and do his trill-meow when I pull up.  There's a bench under the window so it's perfect for him to sit and prop up in a cute kitty pose. 








Thunderball Thor

There's just enough space on the TV stand for his chubby butt to sit and help us watch.  He loves shoving his face in the way if we're captured by our tiny light boxes, we don't need those anyway, we have a kitty.  The big light box is too large to push over so he decides to get in on the action so we're appropriately paying attention to him too!

I got my hand shredded over the weekend.  Our other labrador, Bella, had gotten out to go roam and find her "daddy" my stepson.  He was in from working out of state.  We look for her most of the day and of course once everyone is at their wits end she comes ambling into the yard like nothing's wrong.  She's now at his mother's house.  She's been an escape nuisance for a long time so when he took her, he was told she will not come back to us.  She's been shuffled around a bit in that past and it's just not good for her.  Now my evenings outside are lonely...my Pepper dog is gone and so is she.  Precious is great but it's a little different having a therapy session with a bouncy poofball rather than sleek, serious faced giant.  Anywho, she was inside for a few minutes while they packed up her food and stuff.  Thor is not a dog lover.  At all.  I was trying to gently maneuver him to the bathroom so he wouldn't go after her face, I made the mistake of touching him and he brutalized my right hand.  But he went to his safe room, Bella went on her adventure and the neosporin has done it's job.  


For your viewing pleasure, I give you:  Double'0 Catnip in Thornderball



Happy Birthday Thor!

One whole year has passed since Honey & I pulled into our driveway & heard little frantic mews coming from under our house. Thor was the first to crawl out from where ever they'd been stashed, his 2 siblings followed. Their mama abandoned them so I brought them inside starving & tiny. Little Loki was the runt, he didn't make it a whole day. And little Hestia went to meet him 2 weeks later. But Thor. Thor fought & survived. I never saw a kitten that tiny & never raise one before. He showed up just in time for me. We rescued each other. 

I have always told them they had a whole world praying for them.

Our Thor Baby is a long sleek, slightly chubby love bug. I can't believe its been a year!






Thor Sweetie Muffin

Hims almost a year old! I can't believe it. He's a long, lean, sleek black kitten. Well, lean with a cute little kitty tummy. He does love his num nums. 

He's warming up to the new house mate. He's gone from being super hissy kitty to gluing himself to me when she's nearby. The other day he would not let me put him down, I had a to carry his fuzzy butt with me across the house! They were pulling the angel/devil act on Honey the other night. 





Thor has a new companion

It's been a couple weeks. Thor has been in fine form lately, we had a temporary visitor turn permanent this week. He didn't like the outside dogs at all, I guess their size & the way they smelled was too much for him. 

We took in what was my grandmother in law's puppy dog. She's a 12 year old Tibetan Spaniel. Super sweet. My m.i.l. has had her the last 5 years & the baby hasn't had the best care. Mil was headed to a wedding out of state & dropped the baby with us. She showed up at our house slam full of fleas, a mild skin infection, dehydrated, & used to sleeping in a small carrier all day. 

We cleaned her up & took her to see her vet & decided she stays with us. Thor hasn't been super receptive but he's getting the idea that she's not going anywhere. Luckily I've taken the brunt of his claws, I won't let him do anything but sniff her. 

He still gives me head boops & kisses & she's perking up & seems to be much happier in spite of that hissy thing. Oh, and her name is Precious. 




Thor the Wonder Kitten

Hims a little sweetie. Cheese lovin', head boopin', toilet paper sheddin', wonder kitten. I took a photo of he & the Old Man, Texi, together... I forget how little he actually is in comparison. Tex is huge! 





Thirsty Thorsday

This little beastie here!!! He's been on one hell of a kick lately.  After the coffee table incidents, yes there were several, the photos I posted were AFTER he got into it twice and found his brush.  I'd moved the brush by that time, he kept going in and digging his little paw around looking for it, I ended up sticking a piece of paper in the corner so the drawer is tight.  We've been playing the "no get down! stay away from the tv!" game all week.  I've moved the scratchy post so he stops going for the corner of the chair.  He was being all sweet kitty the other day....and then last night happens.  

I'm in the living room, it's around 8:30-9ish...I hear this massive crash/shatter from the kitchen.  He loves the top of the fridge so my first thought was that he finally sent one of the breakable from up there to the floor.  Nope.  We have this little 3/4 shelf bookshelf in the dining area (big eat in combo kitchen/dining).  On the top sits an air purifier and an X-shaped wine bottle and glass rack.  They take up the whole thing now, so there's little room for his long chubby butt to be up there to begin with.  Well he tried apparently.  I had 3 wine glasses out of 4 hanging on the rack and an unopened bottle of wine just for pretty.  Yeah.  Bottle and rack are OK, glasses--not so much.  Two of them were from a collectors set with the wine and Miranda Lambert's newest CD....UGH.

I swear ya'll if he wasn't so cute!!!





Thor, the Chubby Theif

He's so cute when he's chubby!!! He gets all comfy by the bowl and grubs, it's kind of hilarious.  When he gets a belly it is usually followed by a growth spurt and he  leans out and gets all sleek.  He's taken to stealing Little Hoomans things from her room.  He used to go after the obvious small toys or things that cats just tend to like, I find her EOS ball all over the house.  These days he's far more ambitious, having started with her stuffed dog several weeks back.  She has a little rug in her room that he reeeaaaches under the door to steal and lately he's been stealing the bathmat??? I don't know what that's all about.  She's sacrificed several bouncy balls and a random tennis ball, but the one he really likes??  A light up rubber ball that he can barely get his teefs on!  I tell ya, it's rough being a housey cat, all that toy chasin' and fridge climbin'.  We tried the leash again last weekend, totally wasn't having it, outside is scary ya'll.  






Kitten Face for Cheese

Him loves cheeses. 

New collar, he somehow managed to knock the bell & tag off his red one & then pulled the collar itself off. He was getting a little chubby for it anyway. 

He was helping mama do inventory after finals this week.... those claws tho! 





Thor, Bathroom Savior Kitty

Are you afraid to shower or bathe alone?  Need a companion to lay in your arms as you tinkle?  Terrified of closed doors?  Have No Fear!  Thor Is Here!  A kitten so full of vigor and sweetness, never afraid to get his furs sprinkled with shower over spray, will sacrifice the tip of his tail to the bathtub God for your protection!  Need an a close up kitten scan of your tooth brushing skills?  He's gotcha covered!   Can't hold a kitten in your arms on the pot?  No worries!  He'll drape gracefully across the back of your neck!  Thus freeing your weird human paws up to do whatever it is that you do! 

Thor.  The Bathroom Crusader.  Who loves the window.  






Kitten Selfies

Playing with my baby. He knows what the glowy thing is for & regularly knocks it out of our hands, but not before he gets his studio debut taken care of. He's a very good sniffer of everything, gotta to check it all out! 

His fur is thickening up again, no more Sentry brand flea med, I guess it's the cheaper stuff & a random bath to keep him from itching. Getting that summer fight started early! 





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