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Baby Thor

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About this blog

Kittens!!  Updates, feel good pics, and the random wonderfuls that come with my new baby: Little Thor.  

In happy kitty memory of his litter mates: Little Loki & Little Hestia. 


Entries in this blog


Thor the Wonder Kitten

Honey is home healing & relaxing. He gave me quite a scare. What I thought was a virus, maybe the flu, was actually an infection & some quick onset diabetes. Plenty of meds & some great nurses later- he's home with his furbaby.

Thor is in Honeys lap being kitten zen. He was helping me do homework earlier. Helping as in sitting in my lap chewing on my fingers bc I obviously wasn't using them on the computer. I caved & bought a fancy cat toy with batteries & everything... He just sits & stares at it. Go figure. 

I forgot to mention... In the midst of the illness craziness, I had to sign the papers to have my dog, my sweetie, put down. She developed an internal infection after the flood waters receded & we could never get it under control. Last week was a trial in every sense of the word. The last pic was the last one I took of her before she went back to the vet. 





Thor, a little less manly

I checked him out good this morning, he's healing like a pro on the outside. I was still trying to keep him mellow but he's an active baby. He slept all night under the covers with me, woke up around 5 am to lay on my face. 

He's a sweet one. Last night he was curled up with the old man & today he's happy on Little Hoomans soft Binky. 

He seems to have some alopecia going on, probably a flea allergy. He's been dosed & scrubbed so we're just waiting for his fur to thicken back up. As Honey said, leave it up to us to have the special needs kids. 





Head Boops & Wet Nose Kisses

Our sweet not so little fuzz muffin has decided that running his fat butt up the dining room curtains after invisibles is a fabulous pastime! His neuter  appointment is next Tuesday at Spaynation, I'm sure they'll spoil him. 

Life is so hard being an indoor kitty.... all the things to lay around on... the fancy scratchy post to keep the tosies razor sharp....





Thor's Potential Mama

I was cleaning out my phone the other day and found pics of the kitty we think may be Thor & Co.'s mother.  She was a wild looking little doll baby when we got her.  My friend found her in the engine compartment of her neighbors car and brought her to the office.  After a day of phone calls and research, no shelter in town would take yet another female kitten.  Thankfully she was several weeks old and weaned so we were able to feed her and tend to her.  She had several marks on her and her lower lip was badly damaged from heaven only knows.  We took her home as my friend is allergic to cats and had new dachshund puppies.  I immediately told my daughter "don't name her!  she's temporary!"  Three days and some kitten snuggles later, Tee Chat, Little Cat, Sookie, Witchy Kitty, KittenKitten had made a home.  My husband was enthralled with her.  She had the same long graceful face and lean body that Thor has.  And she had a similar sing songy meow...Thor doesn't "meow" or "mow" or "row"....he meow-wow-wow's.  or brrrrwowwow, always like he's asking a question.  She trilled more than anything and he trills a lot too.  She never got the hang of the litter box.  I'd made sure to introduce her immediately and kept it clean but she would still pee on towels.  I gave up an left old towels down but then it became anything she decided she needed to potty on throughout the house.  Nothing was safe.  By this point she was big and fierce so outside she went.  She never came back to our house to live but she has been a neighborhood kitty since.  We live behind two restaurants so we have plenty of chubby random cats.  When I found the babies it had been a long while since we'd spotted her.

The house theory is that she knew our home and us.  So if she just couldn't take care of them, or figured our house was the best place to give birth, that's what she did.  Their mama didn't come claim them that first night and never came back around that we noticed.  So either she died shortly after (heaven forbid) or she just wasn't interested...either way, Thor is thriving.  So I introduce KittenKitten:  do you think there's a family resemblance? 

Kitten Kitten 2.jpg

Kitten Kitten.jpg

tool Thor.jpg

Bowtie Thor.jpg


Velvet Thor

Made his vet appointment! Basic shots & his little fuzzies are going bye bye at the beginning of February. In the meantime he's tromping all over everything in the house & being super slut kitten when we go to bed. Lots of head boops & wet nose kisses. And he really loves his daddy's chair! 





He's just a growing and a growing.  Spaynation is having a winter sale, neutering for $20!  Sooooo yeah.  He's gonna be singing soprano in a week or so.

Kind of reeling from having to purchase a new laptop and a camera last night.  Even though I got a fabulous deal on both I still fight with buyers remorse even if it is college and career necessities.  So, on that note....picture one:  WOOK AT DAT WITTLE FACE!!!

and then on to the rest :kitty:

Baby Thor.jpg




Twelfthnight Thor

He's not a jellybean anymore!!!!! :my_cry:

He is awfully handsome in bow ties though. All the fancy kitties wear them on new years.  He passed out in our bed the other morning... with his tongue sticking out looking all cute. 






Merry Christmas FJ

I hope everyone has had a really nice holiday. 

I woke up at 3:30am with a gallbladder attack. Having had one a couple months back I didn't panic I just grabbed the smart phone & the heating pad & started a 10 hour waiting game. 

Thor baby stayed with me the entire time. He didn't understand why mommy was making dinosaur noises into the wet litter box so he sat in solidarity with me each time. From bedroom to living room & back... He's been right there. All is much better now but he's still close to mama on the ottoman. 

Ears that say "turn the damn flash off!" And Christmas dinner of champions!




Christmas Thor

Cute rotten little mongrel. The Little Hooman left today to do her holiday visiting so we did presents with her last night. The cats have had their own bows for a while because they just steal them anyway. Naturally he was still actively involved in the opening & bow wrangling. This evening he's successfully snatched a plastic single serve cake container that was stashed for recycling. 






Thor Kitty HeathenCat

The tree is still standing. He's slightly more wary of the Kitty Water Bottle of Doom.... but only slightly. The lights in the kitchen window on the other hand..... Well... They're still in the window... Technically.... I think he likes Yuletide.  

Photos: in the tree while it's being assembled. 

Just after he got out of the tub filling with water, I wasn't fast enough to get him playing in the water.

Those claws tho....

And wet little dish water foot prints on my counter top!

And finally: cattitude. 







Thorsday Kitten pics!

He's a big, long, sleek pain in the butt. But he's so worth it. He wants to sleep with us at night but he doesn't settle down immediately. There has to be walking all over us & ultimately walking on any furniture knocking things about. So the routine has begun: go to bed, shut the door. Hear pathetic little mewmew & scratches. Cave at the sound, open the door to find him laid up against it purring. Grab the baby, squeeze & smooch him & say night night. Then out he goes down the hall to do cat things & we go to bed. 

Oh! And he absolutely loves the picture window!

Spoiled. Rotten.





Happy Thorsgiving!

He was a holy terror this morning & landed in the bathroom in time out after crashing my purse in the kitchen. He's being all peaceful kitty in the window now. 

I hope everyone is having a pleasant holiday. 





Kitten for Sale

For Sale: 

1 medium sized, sleek, black, extra naughty kitten. Self cleaning, needs extra pets at bedtime, likes yummy milk & ice cream flavored fingers. Also likes bouncy balls, fuzzy mice, & string.

Will absolutely sit amongst your current craft projects to ensure quality control.

Will trade for booze.

 (No those quilt squares weren't strategically placed or anything. Totally wasn't taking them row by row to assemble. Mom doesn't have final deadlines coming up, it's cool.) 





Kitten Duties

He's a busy boy. Helping wake mama up on Saturday mornings with wet noses & whiskers, keeping the Old Man in line, pouncing all those invisibles, and of course helping with bed sheets! 

He's becoming a long, lean snuggle baby. He's already outgrown his collar! New collar this week & I have to make sure I put his bow ties & post some pics!




Kitten = Toddler. With claws. & Teeth.

He's a wild kitty. He know when it's bedtime but is way to interested in holding on to our noses with his teeth to go to sleep. Yes. He just holds them... but it still kinda hurts. :my_biggrin: 

So he does the cat thing of running up & down the hall at break neck speed singing the song of his people whilst scratching at the door. Oh & he really likes boxes (naturally).

Did I mention he's a total slut? When he wants to be cuddled it's all purrs & kitten flops. 





Needy Baby!

He's being a needy "hug me!" baby this morning. He just crawled up on me as I type. :kitty: 

"Pet me mama, you leave everyday Forever! And then you come back". 

The Boy came home a few days ago & reclaimed some sunshades he'd left here & forgotten about. He left them again so Thor is taking care of them for him. :my_biggrin:





Thor Video!

I realized this morning is been a long while since I made a video. It's sideways. I don't know how to make it not sideways....sooooo maybe just turn your device? PC users, I apologize.




So. He's adorable. Aaaannnddd he's a total slut. :my_biggrin:

He really enjoyed Little Hooman's origami paper. She'd made these cute boxes & he felt the need to relieve her of one of them.  She's wasn't happy about it, but it was hilarious to watch the struggle! 






Thor Baby Window Kitten

He's a witchy window kitteh! 

Growing, pouncing, snuggling, biting, meowing, trilling.... Cat. It's really funny though, jumping up- no  problem. Jumping down? A little clumsy.  He's not the catiest cat but he's pretty good for having a hooman mommy. :my_biggrin:

He really likes inspecting tools & helping with art projects. 





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