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Cat Tales

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About this blog

Talking about life with Mr. Cats & Baby Cats.

Entries in this blog


My Premie baby birth story

From the beginning of my pregnancy I wanted a home birth in water. I knew my son was going to be my last child, and I truly wanted that experience. Until I hit 34 weeks. March 23rd I called my primary physician & told her something didn't feel right. I had a ton of pain in my abdomen and my baby wasn't moving much.  She referred me to the only OB practice in the area that takes my insurance & they basically told me "pregnancy sucks, you're fine, get over it." The weekend passes and I feel him moving less and less, but I was starting to get labor pains. I called the hospital near me & they told me 34 weeks was too early and despite my concerns, they would stop my labor and send me home.

Monday the 27th I was in labor and worried about my son. My mom took me to a different hospital to get a second opinion. They did an ultrasound and hooked myself and my son to the monitors, the on call OB determined he needed to come out because his placenta had begun to die, and he wasn't getting enough nutrients, something the OB I was referred to could've caught if they had listened to my concerns instead of brushing me off.  I starten on pitocin and walked & bounced on the birth ball. 

6 AM on March 28th I begged for an epidural. My first birth had been 12 hours of labor, 20 minutes of pushing, and medication free. I had wanted to do that again, but at this point after laboring 48+ hours on my own, my body was worn out. I was shaking uncontrolably and crying. After they placed it, my water broke and I knew things were going to go quickly from there. I texted my husband telling him the baby was coming within the next few hours & to try and make it. I napped off and on thanks to the epidural until I felt intense pressure and realized it was time to push. 

After two pushes and 5 minutes, Woodrow-James Digger Godwin made his way into this world at 11:43 AM. He weighed 5lb10Oz & was 18.5 inches long. He was placed on my chest for a moment, and then once we realized he was wheezing and struggling to breathe, he was whisked off to NICU. My mom followed him while the nurses stitched me up. I texted my husband again "baby is here but he's in NICU"

It was 4 days before I could hold him & 7 before he came home. 

He's now 5 weeks old & finally putting on weight and has adapted to life outside the womb very well. 






25 week bump!

I'm just really excited this pregnancy has gone so smooth health wise compared to my daughter. With her I was in early labor from 20 weeks until 40+2. 

25 weeks.jpg


Burlesqueing while pregnant

I miss dancing so bad. I stopped performing with my burlesque troupe after I got married. It felt like the right thing considering hubby was less than thrilled about me taking off my clothes in front of strangers for free, and while I respect that, the transition from ballet rat 6 -14, full time theatre junkie from 14-18  (skipped 19 to have my daughter and recover!) then burlesque dancer most of the year I was 20/early 21 kinda sucks. I miss the freedom of hearing a song on the radio that speaks to me and being able to capture my own emotions in dance, baring my soul on a stage. Taking on a persona where I could be open and raw with my feelings was so healing for me.  I wasn't a stripper. let me get that straight. I never used nudity for the sake of nudity. Sometimes I didn't even take my clothes off. I did a lot of ballet/modern fusion mixed with classic bump & grind moves popularized in the 1940's and 1950's to modern music. My favorite routine I ever put together was a Pulp Fiction inspired dance to Fall Out Boy's Uma Thurman.

  Now that I'm pregnant again I have basically kissed my dance years goodbye. Tonight, however my 2 year old went down early and I couldn't help myself. I put on all my old songs, and some new ones that have inspired me and just cut loose in my living room. My baby was kicking up a storm while I was dancing but honestly I felt so free and i had a moment of clarity I've been needing for a while. It was worth it. I fully choreographed a very pointe/ ballet influenced routine to Heathens by twenty one pilots, Phantom, by Dirty Heads, and half of Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz. I need to take this time to myself more often. 


Got to visit my husband!!!

This weekend I was lucky enough to have a family member take my 2 Y/O all weekend! So instead of cleaning or resting like i probably should've, I loaded up the car & drove 2 hours north to go see my husband. We camped in his truck on the beach and just enjoyed being together, it was a short visit because I got there at 9PM and head to leave for work the next day at 1PM, but even a little time was nice. He was hoping to feel the baby kick, but we're not quite there yet. I feel kicks, but you can't feel them from touching my belly yet.  Hopefully next time. He taught me how to paint & tag bouys so I helped with that the morning before I left. He's been pulling 20 hour days and doesn't even earn a paycheck for another two weeks. I work, but my work is kind of seasonal so it's hard supporting all of us on 80$ every two weeks until crab comes in and he starts getting paid. 




going full Jill.

I recently found out I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby. I'm currently 13 weeks along & HATING the Ob/gyn practice that is covered by my insurance, having already delivered a baby, and studying midwifery, I know there's better care out there than a clinic that doesn't call you back for 6 days and messes up appointment times habitually.  So I contacted a LM with good reviews and decided on a homebirth. We had a consultation yesterday & OMG i love this woman. She has attended over 370 births and has no qualms about hospital transfer as soon as it becomes evident it may be necessary. She carries oxygen, miprotisol, pitocin, and is trained extensively in infant resusitation. If hospital transfer becomes necessary, she stays with you working as your doula to make sure your birth wishes are followed. I get to have the waterbirth I dreamed of with my first baby and honestly I'm so happy. She recently opened the first free standing birth center in my entire county too and having a water birth there is also an option if I want to be closer to the hospital in case of transfer. I'm absloutely thrilled that this is something I get to experience. 

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      I am completely lacking motivation and confidence right now ... I hate the bar. Again.
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      I'm really tired of my back being in so much pain constantly.  I feel nobody believes me because I just plow through my day and appear normal.  I can't afford our co-pay right now even though I'm working.  I'm tired of hearing "you don't need surgery yet" because doc has only looked at my neck.....dude!!  the rest of it is killing me too.  My hip, shooting pains, numb and weak legs.  Fuck everybody who doesn't help and fuck this.
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      Great looking house in our price range came on the market yesterday. Sold yesterday. We didn't even have a chance to look at it. Because we are finally able to buy a house at precisely the moment in time that the market tanked in this town. Nothing has ever gone our way. I swear to God, nothing. This is just the latest thing that refuses to. 
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      After a long stint in one of the best intensive care units of the country a 7yo child died yesterday in Milan from a pneumonia he developed as a complication of measles. The child had been diagnosed six months ago with lymphoblastic leukemia. He got measles from his older siblings that his antivaxxer parents refused to vaccinate.
      Am I a bad person if I wish that now his parents face legal consequences? I can understand that they chose thinking they were doing the best for their children but their recklessness (and that of many other parents, we were having a measles outbreak in april when the child developed measles) directly caused their son's death. How can you refuse to vax the siblings when your child is so fragile from leukemia? Where do they live in a bubble in a fantasyland where children never get ill?
      These days our parliament is discussing a law that would make vaccines mandatory and parents who refuse would face high fines. I don't agree with making vaccines mandatory but I think these parents should face consequences for their son's death.
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