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FJ Colorists Unite

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About this blog

A community blog for FJ members to show their works, works-in-progress, tips and tricks and anything coloring related.

Entries in this blog


secret garden flowers

And I just finished another since I'm still abiding my the no tv portion of my self imposed media deprivation madness. 

Secret Garden coloring book.  I used Prismacolor scholars 60 count on this for the first time. 

And note that I intentionally did not use green in this.  which is rare for me since green pops into everything.  20170223_192122.jpg


Secret Garden Well

From The Secret Garden.  Using Frixion markers.  They're good for the little tight places, not good for the wider areas.  I finished this during my 3 day media deprivation exercise (on Sunday).  (ignore dirt please).  There are a couple of smudged spots (dumb hand)20170219_205509.jpg


Hello Cuba

I'm copping out of our endless cold winter and heading down to Cuba soon to try and warm up for a week. I thought I'd get myself in the mood by doing a picture from my Creative Haven Hello Cuba colouring book. The level of detail in the pictures in this book is pretty intimidating. This one took me forever to complete and I had major trouble trying to choose colours. The photo definitely doesn't do it justice as the page is really quite bright.



Mystic Mandala 20something

I've lost track of which one this is.

My usual craz art colored pencils.  I did the middle in yellow.  what can in say, I'm missing the sun.  Then I felt purple and we'll you know me, purple means green. 



Venting about...

Crayola colored pencils. I bought them a while ago, & they performed as expected (decent color coverage/color selection in the package); for the most part, that is, until I started to sharpen them. As I would sharpen them, chunks of the lead would fall out (of the freshly sharpened body of the pencil itself), which would lead to my usage of colorful metaphors & threats of throwing said pencils in the garbage.

It's surprising to me; you'd think that Crayola (a major, national brand synonymous with quality crayons) would have other quality art items. Now, to be fair, I haven't used ALL of their other artsy things, so I honestly can't say how their other products are. However, I will definitely never buy their colored pencils again. For fun, I went on Amazon to see product reviews (which I know should always be taken with a grain of salt), & a some other folks had the same problems that I had. So go figure.

When I'm ready to buy new ones, I'm going to pick up Prismacolor colored pencils. But not right away, though; I plan on being as jerky as possible & use up the Crayolas until I truly can't take the nonsense anymore (or until they're too short to use).

Anyone else have the same issues w/the Crayola pencils?


Swear word coloring

I hope this comes out alright (as this marks my first official post in this blog). This picture comes from an "adult"coloring book I got from Amazon, & it's called "Make Life Your Bitch" by John T. I used Sharpie fine point markers for this. 




Quidditch cross stitch pillow - COMPLETE

I FINALLY learned to use a sewing machine and made the Quidditch cross stitch piece I made into a pillow. Well, I made two - one for a friend and one for me since I really liked the cross stitch design.

Stages of almost finished:


I learned to do a slip stitch (Or am learning as I see) to hide the stitches when closing the pillow.


Completed pillow:


I'm currently working on finishing the second one! The first one is all ready to be shipped to my friend! :) The pillows aren't as "perfect" as I wanted, but I'm happy with it. This project involved a lot of screw ups and undoing stitches.



Crazy Cat Lady coloring book page

Hey everyone! I was recently gifted a new coloring book called "Crazy Cat Lady"!!! It is very cute and snarky.  The book is quite short, and the drawings are simple and easy to color, which might be nice when I am tired of the little details in some of my other books.  There is actually a story that runs through the book, so that you can flip through it and it tells you how a regular lady eventually becomes a crazy cat lady (TM) hehe.  I colored the first page (the cover page?) using my trusty Prisma scholars.  PS the cats are totally blank canvasses, so you can give them any kind of fur you desire!





I have one more crappy tablet picture that I decided I might as well post.  This is the same as the last few.  Color Super Cute Animals and sharpies. Super washed out again.  tans=oranges.

Edit to add:  Oh I didn't save the cropped version, apparently.  For those of you that were wondering about the slotted boxes you can get a pretty good idea from this pic.  I have various misc small sets and sharpies in one and my "artist grade" and bic mark its in the other.

Gel pens and markers too tall for these type boxes are still a jumbled mess in a regular tub.  I haven't figured out a good option for them yet :( 




Orchid Bunny

I love this Color Super Cute Animals book.  Most of what I've colored recently has been out of it.  This is the Orchid Bunny.  My husband suggested I used orchid since I spent so much time looking for that marker.  The colors are *really* washed out because shitty tablet picture in low light.  To give you an idea, the places you see really light brown/tan color....that's all orange.  This was done mostly with sharpies since I'm currently on a sharpie kick.  The main body is orchid and the flowers on the right of the bunny's body are prismacolor parma violet



Birds and Flowers

In my random marker assortment I had some muted copic markers. I thought they looked lovely with the bright Gellys.



Joanna Basford Owl

This little dude was in a postcard book. Hard as heck to do. I will likely not do anymore from that. It needs like .1mm to do successfully.



Bunny in a cup

I did it!  I am caught up!  Now to stay that way.   In celebration, here is a page I did recently.  It's from the book Color Super Cute Animals by Jane Maday.   The quality is not great, as I snapped it with my tablet in less than optimal light, but I didn't want to wait for my husband to get around to scanning it.  This was done mostly with Sharpies.  The greens in the tea cup are prismacolor markers.


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