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  1. Hims almost a year old! I can't believe it. He's a long, lean, sleek black kitten. Well, lean with a cute little kitty tummy. He does love his num nums. 

    He's warming up to the new house mate. He's gone from being super hissy kitty to gluing himself to me when she's nearby. The other day he would not let me put him down, I had a to carry his fuzzy butt with me across the house! They were pulling the angel/devil act on Honey the other night. 




  2. Maggie Mae
    Latest Entry

    By Maggie Mae,


    I thought I might attempt a reread of the "classic" coming of age/incestfest novel "Flowers in the Attic." Those of us of a certain age remember reading these in secret, learning about horror and sex and rich people's games. I, however, did not read it in secret. Rather my mom checked it out of the library for me. I'm not sure why, or what about it appealed to her or if the librarian suggested it. But somehow I ended up reading this one and a number of other VC Andrews books. 

    For those of you who don't know, VC Andrews wrote this book, and a handful of others. Then she died and the publishers hired a ghostwriter to finish off this series, the Casteel Series, and a few others. He later added to this series, rewriting them from Christopher's POV. I have not read that far into it. Too many terrible books by this "author." Flowers in the Attic is a story about a preteen who is literally locked in an attic with her two brothers and sister. By her mother and grandmother. 

    Anyway, I paid money for the kindle edition of this book, i'm not sure why. I had forgotten that it's divided up into "parts" and then "chapters." 

    We start with the Prologue, which is written from Cathy's POV. It's clear that we are supposed to believe that she is literally writing this novel. She compares herself to Charles Dickens, says she is using false names, and living in fake places. She claims that she thinks of herself and her family as "flowers in the attic." Paper flowers. Brightly colored and then faded and dulled through nightmarish days. K. 

    Chapter One: Good-bye Daddy. 

    Cathy, our main character, has a brother named Chris. Her father's name is Christopher, her mother's name is Corrine, and her twin brother and sister are called Cory and Carrie. This should be fun. Not at all confusing. She describe at length how great her father was. He was 6'2, 180, tan, "hair was thick and flaxen blond, waved enough to be perfect; his eyes were cerulean blue and sparkled with laughter." He played tennis and golf and ran away all week leaving the kids in the car of their mother. He "warmed their mouths with kisses." 

    I thought the incest came later. 

    Her mother, on the other hand, would spend half the day in a beauty parlor, come home, bathe, "emerge in a filmy negligee." Because that's exactly how 12-year-old girls describe their parents. Much is made about how her mother is "a creature so ravishingly beautiful she didn't look real." and Momma answers questions with kisses. (Mother kisses father, but father spends a LOT of time kissing Cathy as well.) 

    Cathy tells the story of when she and Christopher found out that Mother was pregnant and the twins came; Cathy was upset so father came and talked to her. Beautiful bit of prose: 


    "Come now, open your box, and tell me what you think of what's inside." 

    "First I had to smother his face with a dozen kisses and give him bear hugs to make up for the anxiety I'd put in his eyes." 

    Then Daddy slips a gold ring on Cathy's finger. 

    The twins are born, and we get a bit of foreshadowing with the babysitter remarking that Corrine and Christopher look more like "brother and sister than husband and wife."  

    We find out that they are called "Dollanganger" but sometimes people call them the "Dresden dolls" which I'm guessing I don't know about because this book was published before I was born. 

    Christopher (Daddy) is killed in a car accident on his 36th birthday. Oy, I can't imagine having a 14 year old right now. Also I probably read these when I was Cathy's age and now I'm almost Christopher's age and ugh I'm going to have a completely different perspective on these books, aren't i? 

    It's a sad story about how they were waiting with friends and he's killed and I remember reading about how they found the plushies and clothes on the side of the road when the suitcase was ejected from the car.  Even sadder is this is just the first car accident that VC Andrews wrote and it's probably the best executed. I mean, later there will be another car accident in this series, and I know there is at least one in the Casteel series. That can't be it though! I mean, these books all have the same things going on: incest, deaths, houses that are named, extreme poverty, abuse, extreme wealth, tragic accidents (I believe there is a character in the Casteel series who is thrown from his horse and dies, tragically. Only he's not dead! He is hiding because he loves someone he can't be with!) 

    Anyway, the car accident is described through dialogue, which.. well, here: 



    "According to the accounts, which we've recorded, there was a motorist driving a blue Ford weaving in and out of the left hand lane, apparently drunk, and he crashed head-on into your husband's car. But it seems your husband must have seen the accident coming, for he swerved to avoid a head-on collision, but a piece of machinery had fallen from another car, or truck, and this kept him from completing his correct defensive driving maneuver, which would have saved his life. But as it was, your husband's much heavier car turned over several times, and he still might have survived, but an oncoming truck, unable to stop, crashed into his car, and again the Cadillac spun over... and then... it caught on fire." 


    Brilliant writing. Very realistic dialogue. 

    At some point after the funeral Cathy and her Mamma have a talk. Cathy wants to pretend that her daddy will come home, Corinne doesn't want that. And then we find out that Cathy feels envy towards her mother, as she looks like her mother, but comes in second after her. Um. OK. 


    "I'm going to tell you something now, Cathy, that I've never told you before. You look very much as I did at your age, but you are not like me in your personality. You are much more aggressive, and much more determined. Your father used to say that you were like his mother, and he loved his mother." 

    "Doesn't everybody love their mother?" 

    "No." She said with a queer expression. "There are some mothers you just can't love, for they don't want you to love them." 

    IIRC, Christopher and Corinne are half brother/half sister? Or some other sort of relation; either way I guess they don't have the same mother. 

    I'm still on the first chapter. Page 26 out of 411. We find out that Christopher and Corinne made most of their purchases on credit; that Corinne is the reason why - she asked for the bigger house, and she would convince him that luxuries were necessities. Everything will be repossessed. It's tragic. Cathy cries about losing her dolls. The mom is talking about hiding the engagement ring. Then she gives Christopher and Cathy the "good news" which is that they will be going to Virginia, where she grew up. And her parents are rich! "Not just middle-class rich, or upper-class rich, but very, very rich! Filthy, unbelievably, sinfully rich!" Because that's what children who just lost their loving father care about. 

    They can only bring two suitcases for four kids, as the mom needs two for her things. She's already the most selfish mother I've read about in the last 20 minutes and we haven't even gotten to the part where she locks the kids in the attic yet. 




    She paced, her long shapely legs appearing through the front opening of her filmy black negligee. Even in her grief, wearing black, she was beautiful - shadowed, troubled eyes and all. She was so lovely, and I loved her, -- oh how I loved her then!" 


    That's when "Momma" decides to let them know that their "real" surname is Foxworth. Both of Corinne's older brothers died in "accidents." I vaguely remember one of them driving off of a cliff on his motorcycle. Obviously the lesson learned from VC Andrews is: don't be poor. don't be "filthy rich." don't drive cars or motorcycles or ride horses or go skiing. Also, it's okay to love your brother and marry him. 

    Christopher pleads for her to reconsider & find a way. She gives a little rant about how she has no skills and can't support four children. OBVIOUSLY this is the only option. To go back to Foxworth Hall and try to get back into her father's will. Not, you know, go to secretary school and ask the church for a handout or get on food stamps and move into a smaller house and do odd jobs. Nope, this is VC Andrews world, where a father in W. Virginia literally sold his children (one of which ends up mauled by a tiger) and where it's perfectly normal to seduce your stepfather for revenge.  Or to buy a daughter from a shack in the West Virginia Mountains, and proceed to abuse her. I think someone in one of the books was forced to drink castor oil to induce a miscarriage as well. 

    Anyway, so Corinne (Momma) needs two suitcases for her things and the four children have to share the other two suitcases. They leave just about everything behind. 

  3. Random (not so deep) thoughts

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    Recent Entries

    I had this on my status, but thought I would start using my blog space instead.  I hope I didn't break TOU by having it in both places.

    To all the Trump supporters..Hate maybe your value, but it is not ours.

    I've been off Facebook for a long time now, but when I was posting often, I used to post son lyrics that fit my mood, current events and so on.  So here is a bit from the song in my head right now


    Love is a Hard Waltz by Nanci Griffith

    Now, we've all lived in fear of the needs of our neighbors
    Yet, we voice our opinions through weak politicians
    Hey, the shores of our country have closed for this season
    And our lady of the harbor stands lonely and weeping... 'cause..

    Love is a Hard Waltz... And we could all use a
    Lesson in giving
    If we give it hearts... It could teach us the
    Rhythm if only we're willing

  4. sawasdee
    Latest Entry

    I went tonight to the Grand Opening of my friend's bar.

    It was great. Lots of people, good live music, great food -including a roast suckling pig. I reckon it cost her at least 10,000 baht - about $350. Doesn't sound a lot, but here it is. I live on about 30,000 baht a month.

    There were LOTS of people there. Some were fellow bar owners, there to wish her luck - they won't be back, they have their own bars to run. Some were friends and family, who don't usually go to bars - but came to show support.

    Many were what we call balloon chasers - when a bar is having a party, and giving away free food, they put balloons outside. Some people go from balloon to balloon, to avoid paying for food. I saw some come in, eat, have a glass of water or a small beer, and leave. One table had three different groups in less than 90 minutes.

    And then there were some who are and will be customers. I''m just not sure there were enough of them. Out of maybe 150 people all night - I was there from shortly after it started at 7pm until nearly midnight - there were maybe 20 to 30 who will be regular customers - and they won't be there every day.

    I'm her friend, and was there with some of her relatives. We'll probably go as a group about once a week. I'll go another night with other friends.

    I'm just not sure it's enough to sustain her business. She has three employees, whose wages must add up to at least 40,000 baht a month. Tonight, she had four extras, because she knew it would be super busy.

    I really want it to work for her, but the freeloaders tonight upset me.

    So I'm feeling a bit down.

  5. Vex
    Latest Entry

    Yesterday my husband and I bought some delicious red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing for dessert. I had one of the four and closed the plastic container, leaving it on the table.

    Big mistake.

    I woke up this morning to find the cupcakes were on the floor, covered in cat hair, except for one. One had survived the fall and was neatly sitting upright in its container...

    ...with a quarter of the icing licked off. Clearly, Albert had sampled the cupcake and was unimpressed by the icing offering. After all, cats can't taste sweetness so the icing was probably just very bland. The one cupcake that survived, rendered uneatable due to Albert trying it. To add insult to injury, he didn't even like what he tried. Of course he didn't try one that had been on the floor - that would be dirty.

    Stupid intelligent cat.

    Here are some photos of the cupcakes carnage and the thief himself, looking smug






  6. clueliss
    Latest Entry

    By clueliss,

    Crayz art colored pencils IMG_20170511_201242_778.thumb.jpg.3e6fcd15ef0138afd4b32422be4a420a.jpg

  7. Flashback to 1999/early 2000s when this song was everywhere. Remember that your choices are half chance! (So are everyone else's!) 






  8. RabbitKM
    Latest Entry

    Hey everyone! Thought I'd come back with another recent book haul. This is an accumulation of multiple Goodwill trips, as I've noticed my local stores' book collections have not been so good as they used to be. There is also a library book thrown in there, and an Advanced Reader Copy that I got at the library on their "pay as you wish" cart.




    On top is My Documents, by Alejandro Zambra.  I actually checked this book out from the library last September, but I never got to it, so I took it out again and read it. It is a collection of short stories from a Chilean author. I loved it.

    Next is Flight Behavior and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle both by Barbara Kingsolver (one of my favorite authors). The latter is a non-fiction/memoir about her foray into growing food, I believe? Not her usual style, but I love her fiction, so I thought I'd pick it up.

    The next book is a historical fiction novel set in WWII called Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum.

    Then is The Girl With All the Gifts by MR Carey. I heard this one described as kinda like the Walking Dead, which intrigued me. I definitely don't usually read books like that, but we'll see how this one goes! I think there is also a movie about this book, and a prequel novel has just been released, as well.

    I recently got The Girls by Emma Cline just a few days ago.  I'm probably most excited to have gotten this one, as it was fairly hyped when it was released last year (?). It is about a Mason-esque cult, which immediately piques my attention (as it probably does most of us on this site).

    Lastly is the ARC, which is called Idaho by Emily Ruskovich.  I honestly don't remember much what this is about but I know it was on my Goodreads want to read list so I picked it up.


    Let me know your book buying habits! I almost exclusively buy my books from thrift stores (because I am cheap and I enjoy the thrill of the hunt!). I also rely heavily on my library.  The fact that I acquired this many books recently is funny, because I am moving next weekend and was supposed to get rid of things! Oh well... 

  9. From the beginning of my pregnancy I wanted a home birth in water. I knew my son was going to be my last child, and I truly wanted that experience. Until I hit 34 weeks. March 23rd I called my primary physician & told her something didn't feel right. I had a ton of pain in my abdomen and my baby wasn't moving much.  She referred me to the only OB practice in the area that takes my insurance & they basically told me "pregnancy sucks, you're fine, get over it." The weekend passes and I feel him moving less and less, but I was starting to get labor pains. I called the hospital near me & they told me 34 weeks was too early and despite my concerns, they would stop my labor and send me home.

    Monday the 27th I was in labor and worried about my son. My mom took me to a different hospital to get a second opinion. They did an ultrasound and hooked myself and my son to the monitors, the on call OB determined he needed to come out because his placenta had begun to die, and he wasn't getting enough nutrients, something the OB I was referred to could've caught if they had listened to my concerns instead of brushing me off.  I starten on pitocin and walked & bounced on the birth ball. 

    6 AM on March 28th I begged for an epidural. My first birth had been 12 hours of labor, 20 minutes of pushing, and medication free. I had wanted to do that again, but at this point after laboring 48+ hours on my own, my body was worn out. I was shaking uncontrolably and crying. After they placed it, my water broke and I knew things were going to go quickly from there. I texted my husband telling him the baby was coming within the next few hours & to try and make it. I napped off and on thanks to the epidural until I felt intense pressure and realized it was time to push. 

    After two pushes and 5 minutes, Woodrow-James Digger Godwin made his way into this world at 11:43 AM. He weighed 5lb10Oz & was 18.5 inches long. He was placed on my chest for a moment, and then once we realized he was wheezing and struggling to breathe, he was whisked off to NICU. My mom followed him while the nurses stitched me up. I texted my husband again "baby is here but he's in NICU"

    It was 4 days before I could hold him & 7 before he came home. 

    He's now 5 weeks old & finally putting on weight and has adapted to life outside the womb very well. 





  10. I know I haven't updated in a while, but I hadn't had much inspiration.

    HOWEVER, I thought of something recently.

    Rebecca"discovers" a "new" fundie blog. This is of a fictitious family ofc. The fictitious family (Bakers) lives in a town near Rebecca. Their oldest daughter, Mary, is 22 and courting, and their youngest daughter, Emily, is seven months. The kids all have Biblical names; Emily isn't Biblical but it's a traditional name anyway (they felt 'led' to use an E name) and her middle name is Faith anyway.

    Maybe Rebecca could encounter this new family sometimes? Maybe I could do a few parody blog posts about the Bakers? :D 


  11. Until recently, I foolishly assumed that since the laundry area shelves and brackets were 1.5 inch thick solid wood, that they had been properly anchored to the wall by the previous owners.

    Long story short, they weren't! :angry-cussingblack:

     They are now, and I'm extremely grateful that no one was hurt when one of the brackets holding up a fully loaded shelf pulled itself out of the wall. :pray: 

    Everyone, please check to make sure your shelves are secure! 

  12. This post is brought to you by the amazing homemade ice cream at Good N Plenty and dedicated to @Mela99 This does not make up for my bitterness about not going to Shady Maple. 


    Today was........something. I'm remembering why I don't sign up for church-related things anymore. As a child, I always wanted to see a show there and I figured you're never too old for cute goats. I was slightly confused when I found out we would be seeing a production of Jonah but it ranks pretty low on the "potentially problematic" bible stories for me. 


    I'll start off by saying the set design for the show was FANTASTIC. I want to hug the entire production team (especially the stage manager calling all those cues!) and feed them the baked good of their choice. The music is sung live over a pre-recorded instrumental track so there were a few timing issues but nothing that made the show unbearable. 

    I'm lying, there's one song where the harmonies are really grating. 

    Anyway, I'm sitting semi-enjoying the show, smelling too many roasted almonds, and crying over the worst $3 cup of watery iced coffee for all of act one. I shoot off a few texts to family members who I thnk would enjoy the show and settle in for act two. Now they open the show by explaining that they take some creative license with the storyline, biblical purists need not apply. Cool. I was not prepared for what was coming next.  

    (White) Jonah is projected out of the whale and onto.....an island full of brown natives. These are nice natives (they give him a donkey and clothes!) but they're definitely presented as an "other". Ok...slightly perturbed but we can still recover.

    S/N: Being surrounded by whale stomach acid for 3 days turned Jonah's hair from brown to boyband blonde. Seriously, it's in the script.

    Jonah Timberlake rides up to the gates of the city full of "evil people with no good in their hearts" who live by the motto "For the honor of Ninevah NEVER SHOW MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" full of condensation general disgust. Hmm, I wonder what kind of evil no good people he'll find within the city limits? 

    Black People. 

    Brown People. 

    People in shades darker than "HOA Beige" because of course brown people are ALWAYS THE PROBLEM amen. 

    The king and queen of Ninevah (and their brown child) are the only major speaking roles portrayed by persons of color in this entire damn show.  

    I'm pissed. I'm literally shaking. 

    The Ninevites sing songs that are more gospel than musical theatre. I just shake my head.  

    Honestly, don't ask me any of the finer plot points of this section because I was about 300% done by then. After Jonah's little vine dies I'm hoping they do an awkward curtain call and call it a day. Of course, you can't end the show on this wonderful (seriously, the moral is prophet or not- don't be an asshole) without having an appearance from the most important figure in American Christianity.

     White Jesus™ shows up. 

    That's right folks! No longer relegated to the much shorter New Testament, White Jesus™ makes an appearance just in time to teach Jonah a lesson and then walk off, hair blowing in the breeze. 

    If I had been any closer to an exit I would have walked out. They sing one last song in true curtain call form and then White Jesus™ makes another appearance just in time for the final pose. Then they do an abbreviated altar call. 

    TL;DR White Jesus™ is white and colored folks are evil.

  13. lawfulevil
    Latest Entry

    I got enough of a sanity break this weekend to look up and notice that the walls are still bare (I've been busy!). I looked around in some stores that have Arts. Everything was expensive, and I don't need a 3 foot tall EAT sign with blinking lights in my kitchen- I'm great at eating already. Everything I liked was expensive. Everything I thought was OK was still too expensive for the amount of OKness I felt. So I'm cobbling together some crappy DIY art with GIMP while I watch people yelling about politics. I've got a miter saw and some leftover molding from fixing up the old house, so frames won't cost anything.

    I'm going to print this as 3 separate images and make some frames. That'll take care of... well, one smallish wall...


    They go in the guest room, which is decorated in "I'm a terrible person and I like teal too much."

    I'll hit up the good thrift store when it re-opens and the good consignment store later and cross my fingers.

  14. Sorry folks.  I'm having trouble calling President Loudmouth by 45.  I just can't.  45 reminds me of a song by Shindown.  And I don't want to ruin the reference to 45 in my mind.


  15. This is my approach today...I'm feeling it...



    And how will I look doing it?



    And why?






    And if people (one person) doesn't appreciate my efforts perhaps he should know that...



    what should happen as the result of my epic courage?



    Why should this happen?



    If it doesn't happen?




    And why not just go through with your faux engagement to @Destiny ?



    @clueliss was totally right, my brain was getting dangerously pintresty and version of me can kick no ass...I gave the cryBuffy part of my brain some icecream and told her to sit this one out.

    How do I really feel?






  16.      I have suddenly become one of those people who constantly takes pictures of their food! I know it's not cool anymore. I feel like my FIL who struts around in a white track suit wearing sunglasses, or with his sweatshirt tucked into his jeans.

          I made a mushroom melt on pumpernickel bread with a Greek cheese I can't spell, much less pronounce.


          Here is my cute cat picture I promised to show. It's a dirty click bait trick. I know very few FJers can resist cutepet pictures.



  17. MarblesMom
    Latest Entry

    By MarblesMom,

    So, I got my carrots, celery and onions in some buttah and olive oil.  Added poached chicken thighs.  Some spices, you know, the garlic, the oregano, the thyme and some kosher salt and some broth.  

    Man, this was good.



  18. It's the last full chapter YAY, so let's get this moving. 

    Luna status: I've been abandoned in favor of mister destiny because he has string cheese and apparently a kitten has to have her priorities. I feel so unloved. :-P

    Wine: naw, just my water bottle. I might have a glass with dinner tonight to celebrate being done with this shitshow, but haven't decided yet.

    New character today! George Wakefield. He's the pastor of the local Baptist church. Let's call him Pastor Confused. Artist's rendition (as usual, courtesy of @OnceUponATime):



    We are back in the fucking park. I hate this park! AUDIOS FUCKING PARK I WILL NEVER HAVE TO VISIT YOU AGAIN SOON. Nosy Busybody is chilling in the fucking park AGAIN, and Pastor Confused comes over. He wants to chat. I'm not going to bother recapping most of the conversation because it's all big words like hermeneutics (which I have personally never heard a Christian use in conversation ever) being used to compare Biblical penis size. Spoiler: I think George wins. He actually makes sense and doesn't take crap out of context. Of course, this means that Nosy Busybody is going to act like he is stupid and talk down to him. Pastor Confused basically says, "Dude, you are talking weird ass shit, and you are basing your conclusion on stories, not commands, fuck off with this stupid shit." Pastor Confused, marry me!

    They go back and forth for a couple of pages, rehashing the stupid arguments of the whole book, so I'm just gonna keep turning the pages, k? I flipped through a couple of pages, and found this:


    George: But I haven’t trained my daughter to marry a fornicator!

    Sakal: Why not? I have. I have trained my daughter the way an army trains its new recruits... for a battle, not a vacation. I have no idea what difficulties she might face in marriage: an unGodly husband, life on a mission field, barrenness, even abandonment. So my job is to train her for the worst possible scenario, the hardest possible situation.

    Look at the women of Scripture, the truly Godly women in Scripture. Which of them married the perfect man and had the perfect life? Esther, who became part of a pagan king’s harem? Mary, who was always known as a fornicator? One of the many wives of David?

    It seems to me that you are seeking a life for your daughter that God hasn't called her to, and rejecting God’s commands: for her and for you.

    George: Those are horrible comparisons! I want my daughter to have a happy life!

    Sakal: But maybe that isn’t God’s highest priority. I Corinthians 7, and I Peter 3, both speak of daughters married to unGodly men, and both show them blessing their husbands. None of us want our daughters to marry such men. We all dream of them having the perfect, fairy tale, marriage. But none of our marriages are like that. And in our quest for the perfect, we are missing not only the good, but God's commands. And it is our obedience to those commands, not the perfection of the to- be-married couple, that will lead to the ‘perfect’ marriage. 

    That, in a nutshell, is what is wrong with this book. I've given more than enough fucks about this misogynistic horseshit, so just imagine what I am thinking, and you probably have it about right. Sigh. They go back to fighting about the Bible and how wrong Nosy Busybody is, and OMFG there is still 6 more pages of this shit. Send help. 

    Asshole Plot Device and The Good Girl wander in now, hand in hand. THOSE WHORES ARE TOUCHING BEFORE MARRIAGE SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME PEARLS TO CLUTCH! For some stupid reason, Asshole Plot Device introduces The Good Girl to Pastor Confused as his WIFE. What the shit, did I miss a wedding? Oh hey, Pastor Confused said the same. I like Pastor Confused. Can we keep him?

    Awww, FUCK. This shit is about to raise my blood pressure. Wait, no it isn't, cos this is THE LAST CHAPTER! :-D Asshole Plot Device is all, "oh, we aren't married yet, just betrothed" and I want to reach into the screen and slap him upside his arrogant head. Pastor Confused says he shouldn't call The Good Girl his wife if they aren't actually married yet, because it will confuse people, and Asshole Plot Device is all, "well, she's betrothed to me, so she can't back out like a fiancee could," and OMFG I HATE THIS GUY. 


    George: No, not really. You haven’t been married, you know. Andrew: Well, I haven’t taken her home yet, but we are in covenant.

    George: Oh, you mean... you mean you actually have your marriage license, and a pastor has performed a ceremony? Why then do you say you haven’t married her yet?

    Andrew: No, we haven’t done any of that, we aren’t going to do any of that. But even without that we are in covenant. Her father gave her to me. [He looks lovingly at Maydyn, who grins at him and squeezes his hand.] 

    I guess that this answers the "do they get marriage licenses and have real weddings in this cult" question. Sigh. So, there's no protections for the women in this system, other than any common law things that might exist in the state. Let's marry a child to another child, then not have any legal protections for either of them if things go badly or something happens. Nothing can go wrong with that. At all. Separately, the wedding day is a huge day in a fundie girl's life, and what a fucker to take that one day that's all about her away. FUCK THIS GUY.

    Pastor Confused, to his credit, is appalled at this state of events. He's shocked and horrified that they were forced to marry, but because this book exists to fuck over kids in this system, no one is going to listen. I hate this book but it's almost done. After The Good Girl and Asshole Plot Device wax philosophical about what a precious gift of husband / wife they were given, the chapter drops off into a hole. 

    Next up is an "interlude" that sounds like a courtly love sex scene. There's shit about someone looking for a garden for his friend, and uh, I'm walking away cos I can't even with the idea of a woman being called a fucking GARDEN. 

    This is the final "story" chapter of this shitshow:


    Sakal: She called you, from her honeymoon?!

    Isha: [Laughing.] It wasn’t a long call, just a quick ‘thanks’. She said Andrew had stepped out to get them some food and told her to ‘rest’... which she said she couldn’t do, so she called me.

    Sakal: So, did it sound like she was well on her way to 'doing good and not harm’?

    Isha: She admitted that he seemed to be enjoying their honeymoon, and that they were spending an amazingly little amount of time outside.

    Sakal: [Laughs] Good! Perhaps her father will get his grandchild soon!

    Isha: I hope so. Speaking of children... 

    Oh dear. From the implication that Nosy Busybody is either getting laid or has gotten his wife pregnant, to the quotations around 'rest', to the gross speculation on a newly married couple's sex life, I'm so glad this shit is over.


  19. I have been rebuked by a fellow FJer for doing the cleaning post wrong. So, here's an attempt at doing it right.

    Today was the day of the week where my job makes us clean the ceiling fans. My boss took the initiative, telling me I'd better get off my cell phone and do some actual work if I was interested in getting paid. I purposed in my heart that I would dust the ceiling fans.

    While I went to the office to flip the switch that would turn on the fans, I thought about death. Would death be preferable to cleaning ceiling fans? If I fell off the ladder and broke my neck, did I know where I was going? What would happen if I fell of the ladder and broke my ankle? I would just have to trust in the lord that everything would be ok.

    I purposed in my heart to be brave, and prayed that God would give me the courage to climb that ladder, for lo, I do not like heights.

    I took the long handled dust mop, climbed the ladder, and wiped the blades with the dust mop. Since we clean our ceiling fans for Jesus every week, there wasn't much dust to begin with, and I forgot to take pictures. The before and after ones would have looked the same anyway, since everything here gets cleaned all the time. 

    After getting off that really high really scary ladder, I spent all the rest of the day praying for forgiveness for all my sins. Praise the Lord.


    There, was that better? Sort of? I really do hate that stupid ladder, but I exaggerated exactly how much it freaks me out. Well....sort of.....


  20. Accentuate the Positive

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    I haven't posted because I've had a hell of a time eliminating everything I need to in order to give this experiment a fair shot, primarily chocolate. And Diet Coke. :my_dodgy: 

    The good news (I guess) is that I can tell now that those foods make me sick, so I have even more reason to cut them out. The GAPS Diet prescribes lots of fermented foods, so I was hoping to come up with a homemade, fizzy, fermented drink to replace the soda, like fermented lemonade or beet kvass, but I haven't had much luck with that. Here is the Jinger (heehee) bug that I starved to death. 



    And an attempt at an apple cranberry kvass that went moldy on day three, so I refuse to continue with it. Some sources say to remove the mold and keep going, but that's just too squicky for me.



    So I've been eating a lot of homemade chicken soup with sour cream or yogurt stirred in, and I like it. It makes me feel healthy and like I'm taking good care of myself. I got an Instant Pot for Christmas so I plan on trying to make my own yogurt soon.

    Has anyone had good results with small batch fermenting at home?

  21. I've recently been playing around with watercolors a lot (mostly because I wanted to paint something nice for my bestie for her birthday) and I just kinda wanted to show off some of the things I've done recently. So this post now exists. 





    Most of these are from my #drawweirdaleveryday project (which I gave up for a long while but am now doing again) but the cat is my friend's cat Khéops. I painted that for her birthday. 

    I've got one more I could show, but it's not quite done (it's also meant to be a surprise yet and its recipient hasn't seen it yet). 





  22.     So this is the beginning of a blog. Just something I can write out that may or may not be interesting. I am Sadie. I am 30. I work in the local hospital, providing care for psych patients. I am also a mom of 3. My oldest has autism and my youngest is hyper as heck. I am married to Micah, a die hard atheist who is an engineer. Probably the most interesting of all things is that we were raised in a religious cult until we were adults (ish. I was 17.) So there will be posts of the struggles that everyone goes through when they leave. It can be hardcore. 

       So basically today I'll just go into a bit of it. It was patriarchal, women were oppressed hard. We were subjected to four hour long church services, multiple times a week, and were beaten if we did not comply. My family decided to leave when I was 17 due to them trying to marry me off to my husband, as a minor, and because of the disrespect my mom was given. We've never looked back.  My husbands family left probably five years ago, because of how my mother in law was treated. My father in law is still struggling. It should also be pointed out that my husband's grandfather is now the leader.  We will go into all of this later at some point because oh how I've got stories. 

       Other things I will probably blog about are my patients (without violating HIPAA) and how I am in a quest to find a way to help the ones with dementia a bit more than, I already do, fashion, or my lack of, music, because oddly enough I sing opera and am a huuuuuuuuuuuuge music nerd, Maybe some books, definitely my kids, and stuff like diet and all that crap. So please enjoy. I promise I'll try to be a regular at this. 

  23. Tonight's song I've been listening to over and over is "I'm Not the Man" by Ben Folds. I am basically trying to find every live version I can on youtube. I have been obsessed with this song since the album came out. It gives me a lump in my throat when I listen to it sometimes. In February, I'll be seeing Ben live with a local orchestra. I have no clue if he'll play this one but I might go a bit crazy if he does.

    A lovely live version is behind the spoiler tag.



    In high school, I liked the song "Brick" by Ben Folds Five.  But I never really listened to Ben Folds much until around maybe 2010 or so. Since then, I've been kind of obsessed. I listen to him almost every single day. I'm not sure if that's healthy or not...ha! He just has so many great songs. The one I posted above is from his most recent album. I've only seen him perform live once in 2012. We're finally seeing him again next year and I am so freaking excited about it. As dumb and cliche and it sounds....his music has really helped me get through tough times. This won't be the last Ben song I post here.

  24.    It's done!! Oh friends we are so happy it's done! It looks fantastic! Our new wall tree came too and we got it put up and our coats on it. Now just waiting for the floor to acclimate and we'll get it down probably next week. We do have a few more things to hang in the front room, some photos and the Jolly Roger flag over a window as well as a ships wheel and some nautical themed lights.








  25. SpoonfulOSugar
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    I won't be returning to FJ.

    If anyone would like to connect with me, my email is sunnygoldfinch at gmail dot com.

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    • MadeItOut


      10 hours ago, Casserole said:

      I am allergic to perfumes and most dry shampoos are loaded with horrible scents because they assume oily hair = not showering in weeks and dirty apparently.

      Best dry shampoo:

      1. Go to grocery store.

      2. Buy corn starch.

      3. Add a drop or two of essential oil if you want to get really fancy. 

      4. Sprinkle in hair.

      5. Rub into roots/scalp.

      6. Let sit.

      7. Shake/brush out. 


      You're welcome. (Baby powder does work, but the scent thing again)

      Thank you. I'm gonna try this as I got a horrific rash from the Batiste product. They were great with it initially (except claiming that no-one could be allergic to it, which is downright nuts). They sent a very detailed questionnaire, let me email photos, and sent proper sample bags etc for the product. They also promised my money back. 

      I never heard any more.

    • MadeItOut


      4 hours ago, Incognito22 said:

      I think Joy and Austin had one.  Didn't it have an October date on it and that got everyone talking?

      See, that's what happens when the rags don't do their homework.

      A list popped up, then someone (I want to say Austin? - but I'm not sure) came out and said the damn thing insisted on a date so they just fed it her birthday and that wasn't their date. Several weeks later one of the rags had a slow 'news' week and created a feature on how they were vetting married on her birthday yada yada yawn.

    • hasunah

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      On 23.6.2017 at 11:01 PM, JermajestyDuggar said:

      This may sound crass but if she can try to do NFP, why can't he pull out? 


      Edited by hasunah
    • MadeItOut


      4 hours ago, nst said:

      she can fan herself looking out for all her buddies while the real people looking after them are out of camera range.

      Of course - how silly of me! ;) ...straight to the prayer closet & I shall write 100 lines: I will not apply regular people logic to the Dillards.

      4 hours ago, Seculardaisy said:

      I was referring more to walking around at one all day, although maybe she's walking to bring labor?

      I did some rides at a theme park but they were okayed by the theme park for pregnant women.

      You're right - I forgot that part (my littlest survivor is eleven this year and all of mine were preemies).

      I suppose we ought to be glad she's not doing that around supermarkets looking for free groceries...

    • onemama


      From facebook:


      Most men dont want a strong woman. They want a woman who allows them to be strong.

      I can't believe people actually think that's true.  The men I know want women to be strong, and those QF-P women are 20x stronger than their "headships". Look at all they have to do!


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      I am completely lacking motivation and confidence right now ... I hate the bar. Again.
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      I'm really tired of my back being in so much pain constantly.  I feel nobody believes me because I just plow through my day and appear normal.  I can't afford our co-pay right now even though I'm working.  I'm tired of hearing "you don't need surgery yet" because doc has only looked at my neck.....dude!!  the rest of it is killing me too.  My hip, shooting pains, numb and weak legs.  Fuck everybody who doesn't help and fuck this.
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    • louisa05


      Great looking house in our price range came on the market yesterday. Sold yesterday. We didn't even have a chance to look at it. Because we are finally able to buy a house at precisely the moment in time that the market tanked in this town. Nothing has ever gone our way. I swear to God, nothing. This is just the latest thing that refuses to. 
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      It's one of these days at work...

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      After a long stint in one of the best intensive care units of the country a 7yo child died yesterday in Milan from a pneumonia he developed as a complication of measles. The child had been diagnosed six months ago with lymphoblastic leukemia. He got measles from his older siblings that his antivaxxer parents refused to vaccinate.
      Am I a bad person if I wish that now his parents face legal consequences? I can understand that they chose thinking they were doing the best for their children but their recklessness (and that of many other parents, we were having a measles outbreak in april when the child developed measles) directly caused their son's death. How can you refuse to vax the siblings when your child is so fragile from leukemia? Where do they live in a bubble in a fantasyland where children never get ill?
      These days our parliament is discussing a law that would make vaccines mandatory and parents who refuse would face high fines. I don't agree with making vaccines mandatory but I think these parents should face consequences for their son's death.
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