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  1. Honey is home healing & relaxing. He gave me quite a scare. What I thought was a virus, maybe the flu, was actually an infection & some quick onset diabetes. Plenty of meds & some great nurses later- he's home with his furbaby.

    Thor is in Honeys lap being kitten zen. He was helping me do homework earlier. Helping as in sitting in my lap chewing on my fingers bc I obviously wasn't using them on the computer. I caved & bought a fancy cat toy with batteries & everything... He just sits & stares at it. Go figure. 

    I forgot to mention... In the midst of the illness craziness, I had to sign the papers to have my dog, my sweetie, put down. She developed an internal infection after the flood waters receded & we could never get it under control. Last week was a trial in every sense of the word. The last pic was the last one I took of her before she went back to the vet. 




  2. clueliss
    Latest Entry

    By clueliss,

    And I just finished another since I'm still abiding my the no tv portion of my self imposed media deprivation madness. 

    Secret Garden coloring book.  I used Prismacolor scholars 60 count on this for the first time. 

    And note that I intentionally did not use green in this.  which is rare for me since green pops into everything.  20170223_192122.jpg

  3. I sat down to write this at 2pm my time. It's now 4pm, and I have 1) installed a new game on my phone and played it for a while, 2) watched an episode of Bones, 3) done dishes, and 4) spent 20 minutes deciding how I was going to redecorate the upstairs bathroom. I hate this project, and wish it had never come to me (yes, I know I volunteered for it, but run with the Lord of the Rings reference dammit! :-P ). Thankfully, this chapter is only four pages, so hopefully my suffering will be brief.

    Wine status: still dieting. FUCK!

    Luna status: she's chilling next to me cos there's a fire in the fireplace.

    Let's get this show on the fucking road. I haven't read the chapter yet, but the title frankly terrifies me. I feel like I'm about to walk into a trap built by a misogynist, cos no talk of helpmeets from this fucking guy can end well. 

    I have no idea where they are because the author didn't bother to set the stage for this shitty shitty mess, but we can probably safely assume they are in the fucking park again. I STILL want to know where the fuck these fuckers get their money. Anyway, Asshole Plot Device is conceding the point that biblically speaking, he does not have to marry a christian woman, and he might not get to choose his own wife. I almost feel sorry for Asshole Plot Device cos he is so horribly mindfucked by fucking Nosy Busybody.

    Next, do christians need to marry someone they are compatible with? Apparently not!


    Andrew: Well, I didn’t say it but it made sense when I heard it. A guy and a girl have to be right for each other when they go into marriage. Their personalities, their interests, need to mesh.

    Sakal: Oh?

    Andrew: I am learning to hate it when you do that (grins). So, you would ask me to prove that from Scripture. And, of course, I won’t be able to find anywhere where God says anything... wait, what about in Genesis where God says “I will make a help meet for [Adam]"? ‘Meet’ means ‘appropriate for’, no? 

    (bolding mine)

    Ok, first things first, if you are just NOW learning to hate that Asshole Plot Device, you are fucking behind as fuck, cos this shit has been annoying me since chapter fucking one! I'm glad you are starting to realize what a pretentious bag of dicks this guy is, but I fear it's now too late for you to flee. Second, meet does NOT fucking mean "appropriate for". What the shit fuck Lana? Words fucking mean things, and they should be fucking used properly. In case you want to actually see what meet means, I've helpfully included a link to the definition. Note the lack of appropriate for in the list. 


    Andrew: So that must mean that when we pick a wife, or get given a wife, we need to pick a kindred spirit!

    Sakal: Or it could mean the opposite. 

    Andrew: What? Oh. You mean... you mean when we pick a wife she is a kindred spirit, she is meet. 

    First, stop fucking misusing words. Say kindred spirit, or compatible, or any of the myriad of words that actually MEAN appropriate for! Second, oh. my. god. Just by the act of having your hand sold in marriage, you are supposed to become magically compatible with your potential spouse? I have fucking questions. The simplistic thinking here just doesn't make any fucking sense. 


    Sakal: [Grins] Yes. And, as husbands we are to love our wives; a Biblical process which, if followed, will bind their spirits together, making them ‘kindred’ indeed. 

    Um, how?


    Sakal: There is another issue. I was visiting one of your large stores the other day, and when I walked down the cereal aisle, I saw a hundred choices... just for cereal to eat for breakfast.

    Andrew: [Chuckles] They don’t have that where you come from, eh?

    Sakal: No. And I am wondering if you have it?

    Andrew: What do you mean? I had Apple Jacks just this morning.

    Sakal: I wonder if they had character or accomplishments. But I meant in our area, our discussion. Are there hundreds of girls lined up on a shelf somewhere for you to pick from, all of whom would immediately agree to marry you? Or who would even agree to marry you after an extended courtship? 

    What the serious fucking fuck? Did he just compare a fucking LIVING, BREATHING, human woman to a god damned breakfast cereal? HOLY FUCK. Also, you pretentious ass, cereal CAN in fact have character or accomplishments of a sort. I buy cereal based on several factors: price, nutrition, deliciousness, and sometimes, whether someone else in the family likes it as well, so this argument doesn't even make sense. This metaphor is so poorly thought out that it hurts my brain.

    They go back and forth for the rest of the chapter about how the whole point of courtship and dating is to get to know someone so you can see if they were right person for you, and Nosy Busybody drops snide hints that this takes too fucking long and he should just buy a bride. Also, Asshole Plot Device really wants a wife. I am hoping that he actually wants a companion and friend, not just a hole to fuck, but I'm not hopeful. Sigh. 


    Andrew: So, that would make courting a subset of ‘ways to date’... just like there are people who ‘date’ by sleeping with everyone in sight. And courtship is a method that seems to specialize in delaying or preventing marriages, not creating them.

    Say, would you mind meeting with Maydyn’s father? He says that he would really like to talk to you, that he hasn’t heard anyone saying quite what you are.

    Sakal: Gladly. Would you like to bring him to dinner at our house tonight? And his wife and children, if he wishes.

    Andrew: I wouldn’t want to put you out...

    Sakal: No, my wife loves entertaining. She and my children will be thrilled. 

    This is really not terribly relevant to the whole chapter, but I would be FURIOUS at mister destiny if he didn't at least call me or send a text or carrier pigeon or fucking SOMETHING before inviting a whole family over to dinner. What if she didn't defrost enough boob of chicken for everyone? Rude, arrogant, asshole motherfucker. ARGH. 

    This chapter was blessedly crazy short, we are done. Tomorrow, I guess we get to meet salesman headship. WHO'S EXCITED???????

  4. So I'm working my way through Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way.  

    Which was going fine until I hit week 4.  Which started for me on Sunday.  Week 4 involves Media Deprivation.  Where the idea is to remove words (I write as a hobby.  I live for words) and all this other stuff to get you, in the end, to play.)  I made it almost 3 full days until I caved and went back to social media.  Oh, I still have the TV off and will likely complete the week there.  I was allowed work related access and you know checking email to make sure that nothing critical like bills came through.  Or something that (as happened) I needed to sign related to my mother's care.  

    No, I didn't clean my house.  And I didn't want to.  I'm a slob.  Sue me.  I did do a bit of work on the great rewrite/restructure etc of my novel (the one that won't go away).  But my form of communication is on the interwebs.  I don't want to call someone (I really dislike phones).  And after a day of work, I don't want to be around people and I don't want to 'play.'  Okay, there was a bit of play in there.  I got some coloring done.  I'll post that in the colorists blog.  

    So my new mantra is you can pry my media out of my cold, dead hand.  

  5. HerNameIsBuffy
    Latest Entry

    Am I the first one to tag a post drunk sex?  Hope so.

    So I've worked through the grieving and the guilt, logistics are moving as expected...I'm now entering the vodka and men phase of my healing.  

    Tbh the vodka isn't necessary.  

    So how does this work?   Have men changed since I've been out of the game?  Can I assume all of the equipment is still in the same general area as I remember?  Same triggers activate the usual launch sequence?

    You should be able to place and order for a commitment phobic but sexually obsessive guy with compatible prurient interests for a friends with benefits situation...

    And no, not a dating site...that still requires screening and speaking to people.  I'm talking about straight up conjuring.  

    That is not too much to ask.  This would be so much easier if it didn't entail getting to know people...stupid process. 





  6. Did some belly painting with my daughter tonight, trying to get her excited for her brother. 10 weeks to go <3 I know the skirt totally screams fundie but all my leggings were in the dryer and FUCK pants right now lol. 



  7. I have been rebuked by a fellow FJer for doing the cleaning post wrong. So, here's an attempt at doing it right.

    Today was the day of the week where my job makes us clean the ceiling fans. My boss took the initiative, telling me I'd better get off my cell phone and do some actual work if I was interested in getting paid. I purposed in my heart that I would dust the ceiling fans.

    While I went to the office to flip the switch that would turn on the fans, I thought about death. Would death be preferable to cleaning ceiling fans? If I fell off the ladder and broke my neck, did I know where I was going? What would happen if I fell of the ladder and broke my ankle? I would just have to trust in the lord that everything would be ok.

    I purposed in my heart to be brave, and prayed that God would give me the courage to climb that ladder, for lo, I do not like heights.

    I took the long handled dust mop, climbed the ladder, and wiped the blades with the dust mop. Since we clean our ceiling fans for Jesus every week, there wasn't much dust to begin with, and I forgot to take pictures. The before and after ones would have looked the same anyway, since everything here gets cleaned all the time. 

    After getting off that really high really scary ladder, I spent all the rest of the day praying for forgiveness for all my sins. Praise the Lord.


    There, was that better? Sort of? I really do hate that stupid ladder, but I exaggerated exactly how much it freaks me out. Well....sort of.....


  8. Accentuate the Positive

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    I haven't posted because I've had a hell of a time eliminating everything I need to in order to give this experiment a fair shot, primarily chocolate. And Diet Coke. :my_dodgy: 

    The good news (I guess) is that I can tell now that those foods make me sick, so I have even more reason to cut them out. The GAPS Diet prescribes lots of fermented foods, so I was hoping to come up with a homemade, fizzy, fermented drink to replace the soda, like fermented lemonade or beet kvass, but I haven't had much luck with that. Here is the Jinger (heehee) bug that I starved to death. 



    And an attempt at an apple cranberry kvass that went moldy on day three, so I refuse to continue with it. Some sources say to remove the mold and keep going, but that's just too squicky for me.



    So I've been eating a lot of homemade chicken soup with sour cream or yogurt stirred in, and I like it. It makes me feel healthy and like I'm taking good care of myself. I got an Instant Pot for Christmas so I plan on trying to make my own yogurt soon.

    Has anyone had good results with small batch fermenting at home?

  9. I've recently been playing around with watercolors a lot (mostly because I wanted to paint something nice for my bestie for her birthday) and I just kinda wanted to show off some of the things I've done recently. So this post now exists. 





    Most of these are from my #drawweirdaleveryday project (which I gave up for a long while but am now doing again) but the cat is my friend's cat Khéops. I painted that for her birthday. 

    I've got one more I could show, but it's not quite done (it's also meant to be a surprise yet and its recipient hasn't seen it yet). 





  10. I just want to preface this with the following: This game contains a literal hive vagina. My first thought was of Free Jinger (after I stopped gagging and crossing my legs).

    I know this is very much not the place to make a rant about video games, but I need to get this out and it's the only blog I have. My fiance and my friends can only hear me whinge so many times.

    I am a gamer. A casual gamer to be sure, but I love games.
    In particular, I love a genre called 'survival horror'. Now, there are some atrocious survival horror games. There are also some outstanding games, and outstanding series.

    Perhaps the best example of survival horror, in my opinion, is the Silent Hill series as made by Team Silent. That encompasses games 1-4. Silent Hill 2 in particular is an incredible piece of art. It is art. It tells a heart-wrenching story of love, hate, guilt, grief and loss. The ending of the game feels like a gut punch.

    Resident Evil is another survival horror series. It predates Silent Hill by a couple of years. Although certainly atmospheric and creepy, it's much more of an action-based series. The puzzles are simplistic. Where Silent Hill demands you to sift through lengthy poems to deduce their meaning, RE asks you to find keys and solve basic visual puzzles. There are zombies - oh so many zombies - in place of Silent Hill's unique enemies, who are all conjured by the mind of the protagonist or other inhabitants of the titular town. Silent Hill has some narmy dialogue, but Resident Evil is straight up cheese, such as the infamous line "You were almost a Jill sandwich!"

    They are very different, and I expect completely different things from them.

    Silent Hill is grounded. It explores adult fears. It's highly psychological. It's far more concerned with story and atmosphere than combat. Its protagonists are every day people with no special skills. You play Silent Hill for the story and the journey.

    Resident Evil is fantastical. It's about zombies and biological warfare. The story takes a backseat to action. The dialogue is hammy and protagonists give pithy one-liners. It has moments of fantastic atmosphere, but there are plenty of guns and the protagonists are generally elite special forces officers with army backgrounds.

    They have always been two very distinct things.


    Now Resident Evil 7 has come out, and the lines have been hopelessly blurred.

    One of the main developers of RE7 came straight out of the most recent Silent Hill effort, Silent Hills. It was cancelled and they wound up on board Resident Evil 7.

    And it shows. Oh, does it show.

    The game feels more Silent Hill - specifically PT, the playable teaser for Silent Hills - than Resident Evil.
    Gone are the things that made the series distinctive - the trained protagonist, the insane arsenal, the narmy charm and the one liners.
    You still explore the halls of a mansion, but instead of hunting down its warped inhabitants, YOU are the prey. You run and hide from antagonists you cannot fight. In that way it feels more like Outlast than Resident Evil.
    The puzzles retain that Resident Evil feel - they're very much in keeping with the series - but nothing else is. The save room music sounds like Silent Hill music. It's as if the game went out of its way to be as similar to Silent Hills as possible, right down to its first-person perspective and suspiciously-similar ghost girl. There's barely any hint of a connection to the wider universe of Resident Evil - it is there if you look, but I expect mostly it's hidden in the downloadable content episodes.

    The worst part is the plot, because the plot has literally been taken from a Silent Hill game.

    The plot of Silent Hill 2 is as follows: A man named James has received a letter from his wife, Mary, begging him to come to her in 'their special place'. The problem is that Mary has been dead for 3 years... or has she?

    The plot of Resident Evil 7 is as follows: A man named Ethan has received a video tape from his wife, Mia, begging him to come to Louisiana and save her. The problem is, Mia has been dead for three years... or has she?

    See the issue?

    Resident Evil 7 has been met with tremendous acclaim. Much like when Resident Evil 4 was released it has revitalised the series, and for that I'm glad.
    I just miss my Resident Evil. They finally listened to the fans who have been begging for a return to its horror roots, only they sacrificed everything that made Resident Evil itself to do so.

    And I just can't get behind it.

  11.     So this is the beginning of a blog. Just something I can write out that may or may not be interesting. I am Sadie. I am 30. I work in the local hospital, providing care for psych patients. I am also a mom of 3. My oldest has autism and my youngest is hyper as heck. I am married to Micah, a die hard atheist who is an engineer. Probably the most interesting of all things is that we were raised in a religious cult until we were adults (ish. I was 17.) So there will be posts of the struggles that everyone goes through when they leave. It can be hardcore. 

       So basically today I'll just go into a bit of it. It was patriarchal, women were oppressed hard. We were subjected to four hour long church services, multiple times a week, and were beaten if we did not comply. My family decided to leave when I was 17 due to them trying to marry me off to my husband, as a minor, and because of the disrespect my mom was given. We've never looked back.  My husbands family left probably five years ago, because of how my mother in law was treated. My father in law is still struggling. It should also be pointed out that my husband's grandfather is now the leader.  We will go into all of this later at some point because oh how I've got stories. 

       Other things I will probably blog about are my patients (without violating HIPAA) and how I am in a quest to find a way to help the ones with dementia a bit more than, I already do, fashion, or my lack of, music, because oddly enough I sing opera and am a huuuuuuuuuuuuge music nerd, Maybe some books, definitely my kids, and stuff like diet and all that crap. So please enjoy. I promise I'll try to be a regular at this. 

  12. lawfulevil
    Latest Entry

    The paper here published an article about a website you guys might want to be aware of-


    My ex-husband commented that it didn't even know who his grandfather was, the site seems to be pretty much exclusively useful for easy stalking.

  13. In this part we're introduced properly to Rebecca's friend Sandra, and her daughters Annie and Marissa are also mentioned.

    It was a hot summer day. Sandra and I had arranged to go to the County Fair together, not least because I had never been.

    “Jessica! Come downstairs, please!”

    My oldest daughter, Jessica, came running. Her blonde hair was tied in bunches decorated with pink ribbon bows that matched her pink t-shirt.

    “Jessica, how many times have I told you not to run down the stairs? You could really hurt yourself.”

    “Sorry Mommy.” Like all young children, her knees were constantly being scraped and covered in plasters.

    “That’s OK. I just don’t want you to break a bone and end up in the emergency room.”

    “No. Are we going now?”

    “Yes. That’s why I called you down.”


    The fair was packed. As I approached the entrance, I saw Sandra’s red hair.

    “Look, there they are,” I said.

    “Hi, Becky,” she called, waving.

    “Hi, Sandy. My, Annie and Marissa are so big now!”

    “I know! Sometimes I catch myself thinking, where did the baby years go?”

    She smiled at her girls. It seemed almost ridiculous that we both had two daughters, who were the same age- Annie was three weeks older than Jessica and Marissa was two months younger than Faye.


    We’d spent no longer than 30 minutes inside (primarily playing and failing at a hook-a-duck game) when Faye tugged at my arm.
    “Moooommmmyyyy,” she whined, “I wanna driiiiiink.”

    “OK,” I said brightly, “let’s go find one.”

    I took her hand and we ventured forth in search of one. I reckoned that there would be plenty of vendors.

    Almost immediately, I spotted a large sign emblazoned with the words “Free Soft Drinks!” Instinctively, I paused. Something was telling me that this seemed a little dodgy, that there was some catch. I wasn’t sure what, though, so I carefully ventured a little closer.

    It was then that I noticed two of the people standing beside the booth. One was a woman, with greying hair, dressed in a white t-shirt and navy pinafore dress (what would be called a jumper in American English). The hem stopped at her ankles and the whole ensemble gave a shapeless appearance. The other figure was a man, also with greying hair, wearing a white polo shirt and blue jeans. The polo was tucked into the waist of the jeans. I guessed they were married.

    A figure moved to stand beside the woman. I noticed that she, too, was in a white t-shirt and navy jumper. She had long, dirty blonde hair that cascaded down her back. She was holding a sheaf of small bits of paper.

    It was then that I took in the crowd surrounding the booth properly. There were five male figures, all of differing ages, dressed like the first man, who I now guessed was the father. Beside the mother stood a small girl, who couldn’t have been much older than Faye. She looked incredibly bored. Even the navy bow in her hair drooped forlornly.

    Who the hell were these people? Why were they all dressed identically? The age range was too wide to be a school group- and besides, it was the holidays. The girls all had long, loose hair.

    “Mommy, what are you doing?”

    “Sorry, sweetie,” I said absent-mindedly, totally confused as to who these weirdly-dressed people were.

    It was then that I overheard one of them speak.

    “Do you know the Ten Commandments?”

    Huh? What kind of a question was that?

    After observing them for a few more seconds, it transpired that getting a free drink came with being quizzed on the Ten Commandments. I grabbed Faye’s hand tighter and hurried away. I knew most of the Commandments, but I didn’t fancy discussing them with a bunch of matching strangers.


    I purchased Faye and myself some orange juice before going to find Sandra.

    “Are you OK? You look kinda weird,” she asked.

    “I just saw the weirdest people…” I began. “The women were all in long jumpers and they were talking about the Ten Commandments…”

    “You met the Taylors,” Sandra grinned, holding up a hand to stem my gibbering. “They’re fundamentalist Christians.”


    “Fundamentalist Christians. You saw them proselytising- trying to convert people. The little pieces of paper they were holding are called tracts.”

    “How do you know about them?”

    “I got proselytised at last year,” Sandra grimaced. “I couldn’t get away. They made me feel awful. I told them I’m religious and go to church but they still made me feel bad for not being like them. Once I finally tore myself away I scrunched up the tract and burnt it.”

    “Ouch,” I sympathised. “Sounds like I had a lucky escape. If they found out about my atheism they’d probably have some kind of apoplectic fit.”

    “Oh, they’d love you. You’re exactly the kind of person they’d target.”


    Despite being Christian, Sandra didn’t make it the biggest part of her life. We agreed on pretty much everything. She just happened to believe in Heaven. She certainly didn’t go round trying to convert everyone she came across.

  14. Tonight's song I've been listening to over and over is "I'm Not the Man" by Ben Folds. I am basically trying to find every live version I can on youtube. I have been obsessed with this song since the album came out. It gives me a lump in my throat when I listen to it sometimes. In February, I'll be seeing Ben live with a local orchestra. I have no clue if he'll play this one but I might go a bit crazy if he does.

    A lovely live version is behind the spoiler tag.



    In high school, I liked the song "Brick" by Ben Folds Five.  But I never really listened to Ben Folds much until around maybe 2010 or so. Since then, I've been kind of obsessed. I listen to him almost every single day. I'm not sure if that's healthy or not...ha! He just has so many great songs. The one I posted above is from his most recent album. I've only seen him perform live once in 2012. We're finally seeing him again next year and I am so freaking excited about it. As dumb and cliche and it sounds....his music has really helped me get through tough times. This won't be the last Ben song I post here.

  15. MarblesMom
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    By MarblesMom,

    So much butter, you guys.... here it is complete.


  16. I had an idea last month for a new muffin recipe that incorporates some of the flavors of the holidays. I took my recipe for tart cherry pecan muffins with vanilla butter, and started tweaking. Here's what I came up with:


    Gather up the following:

    2 large eggs

    1 cup sour cream

    2/3 cup granulated sugar

    8 Tablespoons (1/4 pound) melted butter

    1 tsp vanilla extract

    2 oranges, zested and juiced 

    1/2 tsp baking soda

    1 Tablespoon baking powder

    1/2 tsp salt 

    2 cups all-purpose flour

    1 1/2 cups fresh cranberries, washed and sorted to remove any icky ones

    1 cup toasted pecan halves ( you can chop them afterwards if you prefer smaller pieces)

    Medium size mixing bowl and big spoon for stirring

    2 regular size muffin pans

    Oven-proof skillet or baking sheet for toasting nuts

    Set your oven to 400F, either grease your muffin pans, or line them with cupcake/muffin liners and set aside. 

    Zest and juice the oranges, strain out the seeds and pulp, and set the juice aside. You are not going to use all of the orange juice you got from juicing the oranges for this recipe, so someone is going to get a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice when you make these. I've made double batches of these the last two times I've made these, so please don't stress if it looks like I have more zest or juice than you will have. I took pictures from different batches I made and I'm not sure if these are all from the same batch or not.


    If you look closely, you'll see that I haven't strained the juice yet. I like to go through the seeds/pulp mixture, fish out the seeds and save the pulp to add it to the muffin batter for extra fiber. Be sure to measure out the juice without the pulp if you choose to incorporate the pulp in the recipe. The recipe works either way, it's your choice.

    Melt the butter and add the zest to the bowl with melted butter.

    Take the pecans and place them in a single layer in your oven-proof skillet or baking sheet and place in oven. Bake them just until they start to color and smell like toasty-nutty-goodness. Be sure and shake the pan every few minutes so they cook evenly. It takes about 8 minutes in my oven, but ovens do vary, so watch and make a note of how long it takes for your oven. Place the toasted nuts in the bowl with the melted butter and orange zest. The hot nuts will make a sizzling sound when they hit the butter, so don't be freaked out that something bad is going on in your bowl. 

    I forgot to get pictures of each ingredient going in the bowl, so to the zest, butter, and nuts lounging in your bowl, add the following and stir well after each addition:

    Sour cream


    1/4- 1/3 cup of the reserved orange juice ( Put in 1/4 cup of juice for now, and add more at the end if the batter looks too dry.)

    Baking powder

    Baking soda


    Eggs ( We are adding the eggs at this point, as raw eggs added directly after hot nuts could possibly end up with tiny bits of cooked egg in the batter. We obviously don't want that.)

    Vanilla extract


    Washed and sorted cranberries


    After everything is combined, place in your prepared muffin pans:


    This batch was done with only 1/4 cup of the orange juice so it is a thicker batter. I made a batch this weekend with 1/3 cup orange juice so the batter was much thinner, but it baked up just fine and had more orange flavor.

    Bake the muffins at 400F for 17-20 minutes or until lightly browned. I like to bake one pan at a time on the middle oven shelf. If you choose to bake both pans at once, open the oven at the halfway point and switch the positions of your muffin pans to help get more even results.


    Okay, because of the cranberries, these can be a little tart when you bite into a whole cranberry. If you like that sort of thing, then just warm these up, slap some butter on them and eat. If they are too tart for your liking, then make up a quick batch of vanilla butter.

    Vanilla Butter

    8 Tablespoons softened butter (1/4 pound)

    3-4 Tablespoons powdered sugar

    1 tsp vanilla extract

    These amounts are approximations, don't stress about it, just do it to where it tastes good to you. 

    Place the softened butter in a mixing bowl and whip until fluffly. Beat in the vanilla extract and sugar to taste.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of these muffins with vanilla butter on them, but here's one with some orange butter from the trial run of these muffins. Orange butter is just whipped butter with orange zest, orange juice, and powdered sugar to taste. 


    Happy holidays to you and yours.


  17. I was a huge supporter of Obama because of his health insurance plan. And then we got stuck with "Obamacare" which is anything but affordable if you don't live in one of the big cities. My "insurance" is now three times as much as it was three years ago, and offers less. Four years ago I didn't have health insurance and I think I might go back to that. 

    So now I get to decide if I want to pay into my retirement plan or pay for insurance. OR, I can just not have health insurance and still pay a $695 fee. FUN TIMES. LOVE IT. 



  18. Maggie Mae
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    By Maggie Mae,

    The credits tell me this is a Netflix Original, but I thought it was a BBC Show? Whatever. It's probably something they bought and added another season. 

    For some reason there is a 50s style car, 70s style architecture, 80s music, and 80s movie fashion. It also appears to be American, and what I'm guessing is the main character is entering into a bar called Tuckers.  Main character girl can be best described as movie star plain. She's tall, thin, dressed in boxy clothing and has glasses and a ponytail. Obviously she just needs Freddie Prince Jr to take out her pony and give her contacts. 

    She finds an arcade in the bar (???) and immediately goes to put a quarter in a pac-man knock off called Bubble Bobble. A nerdy guy hits on her. She's like "fuck no." She is drinking coke out of a glass bottle with a straw. I love her. She is me in the 90s. Except for the hair. And I got rid of those glasses in 7th grade. 

    An 80s stereo type girl sits down next to her and gets rid of the guy who is hitting on her by pretending they are friends and the main character is dying. They have NAMES! Kelly and Yorkie! Oh, Yorkie sounds like Willow in season 2 of BtVS. They talk about some place called the Quagmire. I bet that will be important later. They are majorly flirting right now. Turns out Yorkie doesn't need the glasses. 

    Commentary I've heard a thousand times before about authenticity. Every hipster, every teenager, so much angst about being authentic. This is different for an episode of Black Mirror. So far it's in the past, it's appearing to be a love story. Who is going to die? 

    Kelly is a pretty good dancer, for an 80s stereotype. Yorkie appears to be overwhelmed. Is this a gay bar? I just realized there are a million women and like, 4 dudes. Kelly is so bedazzled I love her too. Yurkie runs off the dance floor. Kelly follows her into the rain. They talk. Yurkie is worried about people's reactions. Kelly is like "this is a party town!" The word bodacious is used. They flirt. This is a nice representation of what appears to be a fairly normal relationship. Although Kelly is kind of creeping me out with her forwardness.  She asks Yurkie to go to bed with her. Yurkie claims to be engaged. Kelly doesn't believe it and asks her to to bed. Yurkie says no, reluctantly, and runs off. They shake hands. 

    The camera lingers on the moon's reflection in a puddle for a very long time and we cut to "one week later" and an 80s music montage where Yurkie changes music and clothes, like, a thousand times. She's totally not plain, except for movie star plain. Where is Freddie Prince Jr to force her into a makeover. 

    Kelly has a dreamcatcher hanging on her rear view mirror. I don't know why that amuses me but it does. She gets out of her car and argues with some guy she had sex with. His name is Wes. He looks like Jean Ralphio's father in the 80s. 

    Kelly is wearing a sequined blazer. It's green and sequined. She dances with a guy wearing a globe tee-shirt under a grey suit with an almost mullet. Kelly and Yurkie make eye contact throughout the night. This is so far NOT anything like Black Mirror. Where is the technology? Yurkie and Kelly have a discussion in the public bathroom. They leave the bar and go for a drive. 

    My boyfriend distracted me, and I looked up and they are having sex. There are waves crashing. It's the most California of California shows. Kelly apparently has a beach house. Who is this person??? I wonder if she is evil or a robot or what. This is Black Mirror. Is it an illusion? Yurkie tells her that she "deflowered" her. And the fiance is "complicated."  

    Kelly was married and always knew she was attracted to girls, coworkers, waitresses. It's pillow talk so I get up to get another drink. At 11:59, Kelly says that "time is nearly up." I miss my rewind button. Clock hits 12 and the screen goes black and the graphic says "one week later" again. There's a guy at Tuckers dancing in a tennis sweater. The hit "lean on me" is playing. Yurkie asks the bar tender for Kelly. He hasn't seen her. She says something I don't hear and now she is walking up a stair case to the other part of the 80s. The part with sterotypical drug use and a girl wearing a snake. The kind with chainlink fence inside. Grrrrl power punk. Mohawks and people fighting in a cage. 

    Some guy recognizes Yurkie as Kelly's friend. Wait. That might be Wes. Oh. Now we are getting sci-fi. He says to try a different time. he's seen her in 80s, 90s, and 2002. The stupid graphic says "One Week Later." What are these people doing the rest of the week? 

    Walk Like and Egyption is playing again at Tuckers. Yurkie goes into the arcade and talks to the same guy who is now playing actual Pac Man. He looks different. 

    One Week later. 

    Commercial on TV shows that it is 1979. 

    One Week later. 1996; Alanis Morrisette and Scream. Dear God. I think I had her outfit. Oh, nope. I didn't wear mom jeans. Just oversized army green coats. 

    One week later. 

    2002. Her hair is long. 


    What is going on? 

    She found Kelly in 2002. They sort of fight in the bathroom. a reminder that this is a party town. Kelly punches a mirror, it breaks, camera pans to her non bleeding hand and then back to the mirror which is not broken. WHAT. 

    Kelly looks for Yorkie. Finds her on the roof. 

    85 people are dead because of Kelly, I think. Something about "full timers." Kelly doesn't "do" feelings. It freaked her out. She doesn't know how long there is, and she's unprepared. I don't know. It seems like she's genuine. But who knows. This is a show where she's probably some sort of killer robot. 

    Yurkie is getting married in a week. She "has" to go through with it. What is San Junipero? God I hate this show sometimes. There are still 26 more minutes. Which I am both excited for and stressed out about. 

    Kelly says she has 3 months and it spread. But that was before 6 months ago. The cigarette she's smoking doesn't taste like anything. She says when she's done, she's done. She won't stay in San Junipero. Her huband's name is Richard and he died 2 years ago. He had the opportunity to stay in SJ, but he didn't take it. He didn't believe in it. 

    Yurkie thinks that if they met somewhere else that Kelly wouldn't like her. 

    Oh. Sad. Kelly is from Carson City NV. 

    Yurkie is from Santa Rosa. They talk about looking up each other. Yurkie is scared for her to see her. And Kelly is dying. They stare at each other longingly. Cuddles on the beach. Clock turns to 12. 

    We cut to an assisted living facility. A woman, who i suspect is Kelly, is elderly and helped into a vehicle. She is helped into some sort of facility. A hospital? It's all white. Kelly is wearing a yellow coat that stands out nicely. 

    A white woman in a coma on a ventilator. 

    Some guy name Greg tells Yurkies' story. She's a quadriplegic. He's known her 3 years. Sad story. 21 years old, comes out, they don't like it. Fight. She runs her car off the road. That was 40 years ago. So San Junipero ... she gets 5 hours a week. It's there for Immersive nostalgia therapy. Oh, Greg... going to marry her so she can use state euthanasia. Her religious parents are a no, so she is going to marry the orderly on his coffee break. 

    Kelli begs Greg to give him 5 minutes in SJ. She proposes. They get married. All systems are suspended. Yurkie dies. 

    Then she is on a beach. She's basically Mallory Pike. OH, then she takes off the glasses and puts the min the sand. Kelly is on her way back to Assisted Living. The instrumental music makes me sad as she struggles up the stairs and coughs and either dies or just takes her five hours (I see she has the dot on her head.) They wear wedding dresses. 

    Yurke wants Kelly to pass over and stay. Kelly seems hesitant. It's ... sad. I think she wants to be with her husband? They fight. Kelly's husband of 49 years, and she's not going to San Junipero. Oh. Yurke never asked about kids. They had a child. Oh god I might cry. 

    Their daughter didn't cross over to San J. 

    They fight, Kelly speeds off in a car, hits a barrier. Clock read 11: 59. She is thrown from the vehicle. I think she might be ... nope, she's back in the "real world."  Old lady Kelly is sleeping in a chair. Yurkie is wandering in a brides dress but no glasses. 

    Sad music plays in "real world" while old Kelly looks out at the world from a mountain side. She coughs and nurses rub her back. She decides she's ready. She decides she's ready for "the rest of it." 

    1980s Yurkie gets in a corvette and "Heaven is a place on earth" close the episode. It also opened the episode. OH KELLY DECIDED TO GO TO SAN J. 

    This episode is heart wrenching. So far my favorites are (in order of most to least favorite) 

    1. 15 Million Merits. 
    2. White Bear
    3. Be Right Back
    4. Nosedive
    5. White Christmas
    6. The Waldo Moment
    7. San Junipero
    8. Shut Up and Dance
    9. National Anthem 
    10. The Entire History Of You





  19.        I was at the park once and met another mom with a son the same age as mine. The boys hit it off and played happily together. She had three kids. The two oldest were biological a boy and a girl, and my son's new friend was adopted from Africa. The older ones went to a private Christian school, and her son was a preschooler. At one point she applied sun block to her bio kids then said the other boy didn't need sunblock since he was black. I thought that was strange. While he would not burn easily he still could burn, and get skin cancer. That was WTF #1. 

          We were talking about preschools, and asked me where mine went. I told her how much we liked where ours went. She started ranting about the preschool her son went to because they did so many crafts and crafts were not appropriate for boys. She kept bringing it up. She was totally against boys doing crafts. I was so surprised I couldn't think of anything to say. Like, "carpentry is pretty much crafting for adults."

         Anyway, I have four kids. Three girls and a son. Of all my kids, my son is the one who likes to sit and do crafts with me.   I spent the evening making ornaments with him. He made this Pikachu by himself.


    The others pout and sulk. My 15 year old insists she sucks at any art and does the bare minimum. My eldest is pretty talented at art but does not want to do it with ME. My ten year old sometimes humors me, but sneaks away any chance she gets. She would rather play soccer, or sing loudly off tune, she never stops moving and she is loud and boisterous and clumsy. She pretty much only wears sweat pants. My eldest despises cooking and any 'home arts' preferring real art and design. She also has what my husband calls a 'salty personality'. My 15 year old is my girly girl. She likes to dress nice, does her hair and makeup every day, and for the most part has a cheerful demeanor. But still hates crafty things, and is good at math.

         My family would be miserable if we had to adhere to strict fundie gender roles.

           Every now and then when creating stuff with my son I think of that little boy at the park and wonder if he is allowed to be himself.

  20. Hey Everyone! I wanted to share this delicious stuffing recipe that I found online a few years back, and have been making ever since! This is not my own recipe, I just wanted to make that clear. I am not that creative or good in the kitchen lol but I just wanted to share the love of this recipe.  If I can make it, anyone can do it! This year, I am going to make it again, but gluten-free, so we'll see how that works out. I have some of my own pictures from making it last year in my tiny apartment kitchen, and down below are the links to the original creator's blog. 


    The pumpkin cornbread, which is delicious by itself! I cut into cubes for drying.




    Sauteeing the onions and celery and cooking up the hot Italian sausage!



    Sage, the ultimate Thanksgiving herb!



    Here it is all mixed up before going in the oven, and then after once taking it out. Stuffing isn't much to look at, but it is absolutely my favorite Thanksgiving dish!




    The link to the blog is here: http://theviewfromgreatisland.com/pumpkin-cornbread-stuffing-with-country-sausage-and-sage/ and  the cornbread recipe: http://theviewfromgreatisland.com/pumpkin-cornbread/


    What is your can't-live-without Thanksgiving recipe? 

  21.    It's done!! Oh friends we are so happy it's done! It looks fantastic! Our new wall tree came too and we got it put up and our coats on it. Now just waiting for the floor to acclimate and we'll get it down probably next week. We do have a few more things to hang in the front room, some photos and the Jolly Roger flag over a window as well as a ships wheel and some nautical themed lights.








  22. SpoonfulOSugar
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    I won't be returning to FJ.

    If anyone would like to connect with me, my email is sunnygoldfinch at gmail dot com.

  23. Gilda is our 2nd oldest female, after Lily. Gilda's loves are cardboard boxes, straws, plastic spoons, and potato chips. Fluffybutt loves her some potato chips.  That's about the only people food she's ever touched. You could set a steak dinner in front of her and she would just look confused.  Like Josie, she has her own language of sorts. She has a very soft and delicate meow that we only hear once in a while. She sort of grunts and gurgles in response to us - like she says 'err! err .' She also has a penchant for wanting to play with my nail art supplies and polish whenever it's out. 





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    So the MLB regular season has ended and the playoffs start tomorrow.  Thanks to the Giants sweeping their series against the Dodgers this past weekend, my Cardinals are out of the playoffs for the first time since 2010. :(  Because I love baseball, I'll watch anyway.  Now I have to decide which team to root for.

    The teams playing for it all are:

    American League: Orioles, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Rangers, Indians

    National League: Cubs, Mets, Giants, Dodgers, Nationals

    I'm a National League fan all the way; so by process of elimination, cross off the American League teams.  I grew up watching the Cubs because my family, especially my dad, liked them.  Watching those games led me to watch other National League teams.  Besides that, I didn't like American League games because they used the designated hitter, which (to me) simplified the game and removed a level of strategy. (However, if I had to choose an American League team, I guess I'd choose the Blue Jays because I saw them in Toronto earlier this year and had fun, even if my poor arms fried to a crisp because some certain dummy *points at self* didn't bring or buy sunscreen that day.)

    Re: the National League teams... (and I will probably root for whichever one of them makes it to the World Series)

    Nationals: Nah. No attachment to them. I only know who a few of their players are and have no strong feelings about them either way. 

    Dodgers: Nah. See: Nationals, although I do like Clayton Kershaw. Also, if they'd won even one game against the Giants this weekend, the Cardinals would have at least played the Giants in a tiebreaker to determine who'd go to the Wild Card game. Thanks for nothing, Dodgers.  That, and they didn't even give Vin Scully one last chance to broadcast a winning game this weekend. Nice sendoff...not.

    Mets: Up until last year, I'd have said no way in Hades. There's a back story there I won't go into. Suffice it to say that the hate is gone and I could like them again. They're an interesting group and they've overcome A LOT of injuries to make it this far.  If they make it to the World Series, I'll pull for them. Until then...probably not.

    Giants: Normally I would pull for them.  Normally I like them.  But I'm feeling a bit not-fannish (yeah, I know, that's not a word) toward them after they went out and won every night the Cardinals won during that last week of the season. Couldn't they have lost even one game to give the Cardinals a chance? Besides that, even though I know it was in their best interest to cut Tim Lincecum loose after last season, dang it, I liked him! To me, they're not the same team without him. Maybe better, maybe worse...but to me, less interesting.  

    Cubs: Hmmm. Until about 4 years ago, they would have been my no-brainer choice. You see, I grew up a Cubs fan, as I said above. Dad was a Cubs fan and the family followed. Several times, we all hopped on the bus and the L and rode up to Wrigley Field to watch them play. Eventually (except for one year when my sister went with me instead), it was just Dad and I who went. Later, I went alone. In 1989, when they made the playoffs, I sat on the phone from Friday evening to late Sunday afternoon trying to get through to Ticketmaster to get tickets. I finally got through, got 4 single seats for Game 1, and then proceeded to watch them lose to the Giants 11-3. Yes, I was a diehard Cubs fan.  But that love affair went sour along about 1997, when I worked for a creep who had bought season tickets along with a bunch of his business cronies. One afternoon, the jerk ordered me to go up to Wrigley and scalp his tickets for that game on the street near the ballpark. I was so ashamed and embarrassed. Another day, he invited me to take the afternoon out of the office and go to the game, only to leave after a few innings and return to the office, where he ripped into me so badly that I was catatonic the rest of the day and that weekend.  I never went to another game until 2003, when I took my now ex-boyfriend to a game. (He is one guy I should have just stayed friend with and not gone any further. But I digress.) Eventually, I got fed up with their losing ways and what appeared to me to be apathy on ownership's part. Did they not care about the product they put on the field? Didn't look that way to me. Of course, I didn't realize what they were doing (intentionally gutting the roster and rebuilding from the bottom of the farm system on up to improve the team)...I had just had enough. I was done. I wanted to follow a team that I could tell knew what it was doing.

    In the meantime, Dad passed on; my oldest sister and her family became Cardinals fans; my other sister followed her (my brother and other sister never showed much interest in baseball); and I moved away from the Chicago area and into Cardinals territory. I'd always liked the Cardinals, even though they and the Cubs were bitter rivals; so when I decided I'd had enough of the Cubs once and for all, it was obvious to me which team to follow. (Interesting story: one day, maybe Christmas 2013?, I announced to everyone that I was officially a Cardinals fan. My nephew ordered me to walk over to him; when I did, he swept me up in a big hug and said, "Welcome home.")

    The Cubs and the Cardinals are bitter rivals. My sister used to go to Wrigley when the Cardinals played the Cubs there and says she, as a Cardinals fan, always got beer dumped on her. I turned my back on the Cubs. It wouldn't be right for me to decide to root for them now...that is called being a fair-weather fan and that's not right, not after I said I was through with them.  Yes, they're interesting to watch. Yes, they seem to be having so much fun; and I have to admit, I've watched a few more games than I should have watched.  

    So...which team do I choose?  I've got until Friday to decide. LOL

  25. So as I mentioned the other week, I'm moving. TOMORROW, in fact. I've been a bit sad to move out of my little flat - it's in a rough area but I haven't had any issues - at least until today when I noticed some douchebag had KEYED MY CAR.

    Seriously? My second-to-last day of parking here and someone decides to key it. Luckily, it's not too bad - i managed to rub the surface off and it's not as bad as it looked initially. Just to make matters worse though - I didn't even notice until the man who'd come to fix my windscreen pointed it out. Yep, in the space of a week my windscreen cracked and my car got keyed. LOL. What the hell.

    I'm doing okay, though. It will be expensive to fix and I'm pretty protective of my car, but at the end of the day - it's a hunk of metal and I'm not hurt. Things could always be worse.

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      4 hours ago, Smash! said:

      You had that as well? That's so cool! My parents got it when my sister and I were pretty young children and read it with us. emoji3.png

      I had it too. Must have read it a dozen times! In German, it's called "Peter, Ida und Minimum."

    • Scrabblemaster


      6 hours ago, justmy2cents said:

      I don't remember them discussing any protocol but Jeremy did say that he asked JB if he could get to know Jinger in early Dec. 2015.  I just can't imagine a guy asking my dad if he could talk to me.

      I can imagine my reaction if a guy asked my dad for permission to talk to me. If he did not have the guts to talk to me directly i would not have talked to him. If he thought i would talk to him just because my dad likes him, without thinking about my opinion, i would not have talked to him. I appreciate my dad's opinion, but he never would have liked to be my door to the world. 

      I can imagine my dad's reaction to such sort of guy. A guy who asked my dad for permission to get to know me would never ever have got his permission. Because my dad considers bis daughter as an independant woman with her own mind.

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      7 hours ago, PennySycamore said:

      @MamaJunebug,  I remember those old belts and pads you had to hitch up!  They were so uncomfortable.  I remember getting my period (not for the first time though) at the Beta Club state convention in Columbia.  I had to go to the drug store and by that time they'd come out with Stayfree.  I was eternally grateful to not have to deal with a belt.

      When we girls or my mom had our periods, the dogs liked to knock over the kitchen or bathroom  trash and snack on bloody Kotex.  My sister and I had many days when we'd have to clean up in front of the door before my brothers came inside.  Good times, I tell you!


      What do you mean a belt? I'm confused. 

    • clueliss


      She did ask.fm questions a day or so ago that showed on twitter.  Her male roll model is har Pastor.  I may have been surprised she didn't take this opportunity to remind everyone of her Peruvian father.

    • Daisy0322


      My mom wasn't mean about she was just very uncomfortable when my period started at 11 she handed me a book on puberty and a box that was combo tampons and pads and said "um I think there's directions in the box." and that was that lol the book was very informative and accurate and the box did have directions so I mean she did the best she could haha.


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      I should be writing another chapter of THAT FUCKING BOOK. I sat down to do so, I swear. Instead, I'm contemplating how I'm going to redecorate my upstairs bathroom.
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      Chicken bones

      Had to get my dog euthanized today.  I feel like a murderer. Even though i know it was the right thing to do (cancer dx and internal bleeding). We might have had more time together but he could have also passed at any minute.  Which would have been traumatic on my kids. But it sucks, my sweetie is gone
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      I know it's dumb...but I want to cry because we may not make it to a concert we have tickets for tomorrow due to weather. I was so looking forward to it. It would be our first real "date" since having a child (over 3 year ago.) Not to mention it was kind of expensive. Ugh.
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      Don't mind me, I'm just sitting on my couch sobbing my eyes  out after finally watching This is Us
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